Styling Tutu Outfits for your Little Girl

Tutus certainly make for great outfits for a ballet performance but you don’t have to limit the tutus to the dance floor. You can style tutus for your little girl for a day at the movies, beach, amusement park, party, or a picnic too! Tutus have made their place in street-style stores as well as high-end boutiques. They are gorgeous and step up the fashion quotient like no other piece of clothing.

The traditional tutu comes attached with a bodice, here are some great styles:

Pair with embellished woollen jumpers

How: Pair up a neutral coloured tutu skirt with an embellished jumper. You don’t have to worry about going all out with kids because they look cute in styles you’d never imagine pulling off. So if you want to pair up an embellished skirt with an embellished jumper, don’t hold yourself back! Pair these up with a cute headband and a pair of ballerinas.

Where: The jumper would probably make it too stuffy for a day out so choose this style for a dinner party or other evening events.

Sport as a dress

How: Tutu dresses aren’t too hard to find. Find a flared tutu dress with elegant applique work or delicate embroidery. You could either go for a monochrome tutu dress or a soft dual coloured one that blends at the waist. Get a flowery hairband and a pair of matching ballerinas to make your girl look like the doll that she is!

Where: Tutu dresses for girls are ideal for parties. You could style your daughter in a pretty tutu dress for her first birthday party too!

Team up with cute crop tops

How: Mini tutus combined with tees make a great outfit for girls. Look out for a multi-coloured tutu skirt and team it up with any crop top that goes with the skirt. Combine this look with a headband with a bow, and a pair of crocs and your little one is ready to go!

Where: Tutu dresses are super airy and teaming it up with a tee makes it a great attire for outings. You can use this style for a day at the park or beach.

Combine with sweatshirts and leggings

How: Tutu skirts are great and you’d want your little one to be able to sport them at any time of the year. However, they are not the best pick for winters given that they don’t cover the legs. This style works perfectly if you ever face this issue. Pair up soft-colour tutu skirt with a sweatshirt and a pair of leggings. A pair of furry boots will go well with this look.

Where: You can try this chic outfit for your little one for movie nights, long drives, or for parties in winter.

Try these great tutu dress styles for girls and I promise you’d want to recreate them for yourself too!

Did you like the tutu dress ideas for girls? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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