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First of all, welcome to our awesome blog! Feedback from awesome customers like you goes a long way in making Hopscotch the brand that it is today – a place filled with sunshine and rainbows!

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All moms have a ton of experience to share through the amazing journey that is motherhood. If you would like to join our elite team of mom-bloggers and share your journey with all the other moms out there – write to us at blog@hopscotch.in!

If you’d like to share your stories and write for our blog – send in a short bio describing yourself and we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can!

These stories could be bout anything – your latest holiday, how you spend time with your kids, your experiences being a new mother or father, or even your best method of getting your child/ren to finish their vegetables!

Thank you for being so cool! We look forward to hearing from you.

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The Hopscotch Blog runs a monthly contest to find the most fashionable and well-dressed mini-human. That’s right – once a month, your child could be featured as the Hopscotch Fashion Icon and win a ton of prizes!

You already know all about Hopscotch Moments, but if you’d like to share more than just a moment with us, and be featured on our blog – send us a video or photo-shoot of your child rocking some of our designs to blog@hopscotch.in and we’ll feature the little star on the Hopscotch Blog – giving you the chance to win goodie bags and discounts – the sky is the limit!

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