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Harini Prabhu

Nothing comes close to Harini’s love for her family, well, except for music. A music teacher by profession, Harini started practising music when she was 11 years old and her passion for music has only grown over the years. With a 6 year mischevious daughter and another adorable one on the way, Harini has her hands full these days. You can still find her dishing out amazing craft ideas, pregnancy advice, and more!

Sampurna Mitra

Apart from performing cleaning rituals fanatically and obsessing over the perfect biryani, Sampurna believes music to be the greatest gift of mankind. She has a fervent, almost overbearing passion for cats and books. In her spare time, she is either thinking about the mystical world of giants and mammoths or practicing spells with her wand. She loves cooking and eating, sometimes mixes things up by doing both at the same time.

Muktha Tavane

When she’s not scrolling through Instagram or looking at online shopping websites, you’ll find Muktha Tavane either cracking PJs or laughing at them herself. She binge-watches TV shows on weekdays and sleeps through the weekend. Also, she believes there’s no love truer than the love for dessert.

Sahana Mailar

When she was 11, Sahana started writing a novel about four kids lost on an island with a talking parrot. Two weeks later, she gave up – realising it took a lot more than a passion for writing to become the next Enid Blyton. But that hasn’t stopped this avid reader from pursuing her love for writing. When she is not blogging, you can find her reading, whining about how she should’ve been born in the Victorian Era and watching reruns of ‘The Office’.

Aneeta Udayar

Aneeta Udayar is an anomaly to all the cynics who believe that a woman can’t thrive in both professional and personal life. A mother of three kids and a businesswoman, she loves cooking and DIY projects, and reading. Her collection of books will make even Belle jealous.

Caroline Edward

Caroline is a psychologist who’s been a researcher and is now a full-time counsellor and blogger. She’s the mother of a young woman and two young boys. She’s been a dancer, a biker and a movie director. She enjoys traveling to peaceful beaches and hills, and writes best in her quaint little home garden.

Chaya Kashyap

Chaya is a multi-tasker who manages her two littles – Tarun and Roshni – while juggling between creating content for budding startups. You can find her trying out new veggie recipes, throwing kitty parties or chilling on the recliner over the weekend.

Fiona Buksh

With fashion coursing through her veins, Fiona Buksh is your go-to person for all fashion-related problems. Mother to an adorable 4-year-old girl and wife to an equally adorable (her words, not ours) marketing manager, she loves keeping an eye out for the newest trends in fashion and dolling her little girl up.

Hita Biyani

Hailing from the City of Pearls, Hita Biyani is a Software Engineer who’d give her job up in a heartbeat if she was paid to travel and take her family of four along with her. A mother of three boys, she has a lot of advice to offer, be it about dealing with fussy eaters or striking the right balance between work and personal life.

Manju Achari

Accompanying his wife shopping and empty carbs are two of Manju’s biggest fears in life. An avid fitness enthusiast, Manju’s dream is to compete in the Ironman Triathalon and be the best husband and father. When he is not working or working out, you can find him spending time with his wife and entertaining his children with dad jokes.

Naushin Fatima

An interior designer, a bibliophile, and a hairstylist, her friends often wonder if there’s anything Naushin can’t do! She loves elaborate shopping trips, a wholesome dish of spaghetti bolognese, and cooking for her family with the passion of Wonder Woman!

Nisshan Dubey

A lawyer by day and blogger by night. Nisshan loves the law and loves his kids – Anoop and Tanvi. When he’s not busy drafting clauses, Nisshan binge watches on legal shows, works on DIY projects at home, and takes his kids on fun trips.

Reshita Reddy

Reshita Reddy is a software engineer by profession, which makes perfect sense, given that she’s a Bangalorean. She is a mother of a 5-year-old cuddly bunny named Sanaa and is expecting baby number 2 next July. If you visit her sometime, don’t be surprised to see art supplies strewn all across the floor.

Sarah Diniz

A proud single mother of two chirpy kids, Sarah adores the idea of building a world filled with rainbows and butterflies for them! Running is like meditation to her and when she’s not busy crunching numbers at her job, you can find Sarah’s nose buried deep in science fiction novels!

Sraboni Paul

A staunch admirer of all-things Bengali, Sraboni is a dedicated fitness enthusiast and an often overtired mother of two boys! She is a website developer by day and a personal chef to her family by night! Currently, chillin!

Sucheta Dev

Sucheta is an artist and pre-school teacher. She has been to the Himalayas, loves bird-watching, and is always on the hunt for her next adrenaline-filled adventure. She and her husband live in Chennai with two beautiful kids – Aarav and Aarna.

Tarika Bharadwaj

Tarika’s passion for baking outweighs her love for knitting on any given day! When she’s not busy being a philanthropist, you can often find her experimenting with recipes in her quaint kitchenette and travelling all over the city to hunt for the perfect ingredients!

Vishal Sethi

When he isn’t exploring the multifaceted universe of Marketing, Vishal is usually busy eyeing (and eating) food or hiking in the woods! His current passions are to become a stand-up comedian to his 1-year-old daughter and eat cake on Sundays.
Hamza Chinoy

Hamza Chinoy

SEO content manager and chief caffeine addict at Hopscotch, Hamza Chinoy created the Hopscotch Blog in September 2019 as one branch of his mysterious SEO strategy. He supervises the in-house team of blog writers and is the final Editor for all posts and content that goes live here. He also eats all the office snacks and refers to himself in the third person to annoy his co-workers.

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