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A young girl wearing a bow in her hair.
Chaya Kashyap

Bows for Girls and Bows for Boys!

Bows are a very simple element that adds a beautiful touch to a child’s attire. While it can be used as a clothing and hair accessory for girls, they can be used for boys too! Check them out here!

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A young boy and girl wearing sunglasses.
Caroline Edward

Picking the Right Sunglasses for Kids

Sunglasses are a necessity for kids and adults alike – especially for kids since their eyes are still developing during their growing years. Read how I go about choosing the right pair of sunglasses for my kids.

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A young girl dressed in a Tutu.
Muktha Tavane

Styling Tutu Outfits for your Little Girl

I would be lying if I said tutus aren’t in trend. These timeless pieces of fashion can be styled in many different ways to make your daughter look drop-dead gorgeous. Look at these tutu outfit styling tips!

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Baby lying down with his parents
Vishal Sethi

5 Fun Ways to Adorn Your Kids Without Burning a Hole in Your Budget

As much as shopping for their kids is every parents’ most favourite thing to do, sometimes it can be difficult to stay within the budget. With certain practices such as shopping at a thrift store, you can avoid burning a massive hole in your budget while still being able to dress up your kids the way you want to!

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