Bows for Girls and Bows for Boys!

Bows will never go out of style! Newborns, babies, girls, as well as boys can make use of bows in their attires and they will look as chic as ever. Come to think of it, bows are so delicately made, hand-tied and hence so gorgeous! These tiny little knots are just what you need to add the perfect touch to a child’s outfit.

As pretty bows can be, I try not to use them on my kids regularly and save them for evening parties, birthdays or weddings. 

Twin babies dressed for a wedding.

My 6-year-old, Roshni, has plenty of options when it comes to bows – starting with hair accessories. I have a couple of bow hair bands that go with her festive outfits and a few bow hair clips that she likes to wear often. Her hair isn’t very long but you can find plenty of hair ties that you can use for your little one’s hair too.

A girl wearing a bow hairband.
A girl wearing a bow hair accessory.

Apart from these are the beautiful bows on dresses. They can be used for the shoulders, sleeves or the frills too but I think they go best around the waist.

A girl wearing a dress with a beautiful bow.

You can never stop yourself from getting one of these cutesy bow shoes, can you!

A girl's ballerina shoes with bows.

I have a small collection of bow ties for my 12-year-old son that we bought for different events – monotone colours and some with classy prints.

A bow wearing a solid-colour bow tie.
A bow wearing a polka-dot bow tie with his country outfit.

Occasionally, I dress him up in semi-formals and a hat with a tiny bow – which is not a very prominent feature on a boy’s hat – but enhances the look nevertheless.

A boy wearing a hat.

I hope I gave you have reason enough to choose bows for your girls and boys!

What do you think of bows? Let me know in the comments.


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