Shoes for Kids: 5 Best Shoes for Those Teeny-Weeny Feet

Kids are highly active and adventurous little bundles of joy. One minute he’s on the sofa you made him sit on and the next he’s running around in circles giggling all the way. So, for those teeny-weeny feet that can hardly stay still, you should get comfortable yet fashionable footwear – something they’re comfortable to do their half-cartwheels in but also goes with the occasion and their outfit.

I personally have always had a thing for shoes since childhood – probably because I’d lose a shoe every time I went out so my parents would’ve stored a stack of shoes at home so that I didn’t have to go barefoot all day. So, now I buy lots of shoes for my kids – may not be the best obsession to pass on to kids – but, sometimes you just can’t help it, can you!

I’ve listed out a bunch of shoes for kids befitting different occasions. If you’re looking for ideas for stylish yet comfortable shoes, you can draw some inspiration from some of these.

1. Canvas shoes for a jolly school day

A school day calls for quite a bit of running around – be it to class or during playtime hours. The best choice for shoes for a day at school would be canvas shoes. They’re comfortable and cute – and go with any casual outfit – especially denim.

For her

You could pair up a denim skirt and a pretty printed t-shirt with a pair of canvas shoes of your daughter’s choice. On cold days, she could wear a pair of printed socks and a matching hoodie to keep up the style quotient while keeping warm.

A pair of pink-coloured canvas shoes.
Go all out with bright pink shoes with cute little hearts for your little girl.

For him

You could suggest that your son wear bright-coloured printed canvas shoes with a pair of shorts and a polo t-shirt. A baseball cap and a matching pair of socks would complete the look.

A pair of grey canvas shoes with stars.
Greys and stars for the space fanatics.

2. Crocs for a fun picnic

If you’re planning to take your kids on a picnic to say, an amusement park, a national park, a zoo, or an aquarium, you could buy them a pair of crocs to wear. These are easy to slip on, airy and have good grip so that your kid doesn’t slip too easily.

For her

Crocs go with absolutely any outfit. That being said, you could dress your little girl in a nice dress or maybe even a pair of shorts and a top, and pair it up with a pair of crocs.

A pair of pink crocs.
Perfect slip ons for every girl!

For him

Crocs are summer wear must-haves. So your kids can wear them with any light and breezy outfit and crocs will suit them best.

A pair of blue crocs.
Comfy and cool crocs for boys.

3. Sandals for a chill day at the beach

While flip-flops are the most common choice of footwear to beaches, I don’t like them much because they tend to slip off while walking in sand. So I’ve always bought sandals for my kids.

For him

You can find an array of sandal designs that have minimal cross-straps or some that are completely covered. Take your pick based on what you think is best for your champ.

 A pair of sandals on the beach.
For kids who don’t like their feet sinking in beach sand.

For her

Sandals for girls come with different kinds of add-ons such as glittery accessories and bows. Let your girl choose what she likes best or one that goes with her beach outfit.

A pair of blue sandals with bows on a beach.
Pretty bows for the pretty gals!

4. Fancy shoes for a cool party

No doubt kids look cute all the time – dressed up or not – but don’t they look adorable in pretty, flared gowns or formals with bow-ties? No party outfit is complete without a pair of party shoes. Here are two suggestions.

For him

Oxford shoes go best with formals. So if you plan to dress your little boy in a pair of trousers, a shirt and a bow-tie, you should get him a pair of oxford shoes. A pair of black or brown shoes go with most costumes but you could go all out and get a pair of bright-coloured shoes too.

A pair of brown oxford shoes.
The perfect pair for the tough guy.

For her

The perfect fit for a frock or a gown would be a pair of ballerinas. Get your little one a pair of ballerinas and I promise she’ll dance around all day as long as she has them on.

A pair of red ballerinas.
These go perfectly for girls perfecting their ballet moves.

5. White sneakers – simply cuz they’re in!

I needn’t tell you that white sneakers are the most sought-after trend at the moment. Besides that, they go with absolutely any outfit and are super comfortable too.

For him

Your son can wear his white sneakers with anything from jeans to knee-length shorts. Just make sure he’s not headed to a party with too much mud around!

A pair of white sneakers.
Cool and casual sneakers for boys.

For her

Girls, too, can wear white sneakers with jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Beware – you may have to get rid of mush stains from time to time.

A pair of white sneakers.
Cool and chic sneakers for girls.

These are just a handful of styles from all the good stuff available in the market today. Shopping shoes for kids is surely fun and bears the best result.

What’s your kids’ favourite kind of footwear? Let me know in the comments.


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