Glam jam! Baby girl accessories for your little princess!

When my daughter was born, my life totally flipped like a coin tossed in the air! Where I was once surrounded by items like shirts, t-shirts, denim, and ridiculous sports jerseys (I have 2 sons!), I was presented with the freedom I’ve always wanted to splurge on baby girl accessories like shoes, headbands, sunglasses, etc.!

These are some of my most favourite ones, that Ridhima can’t get enough of:

Baby bow stretch headband

Infant wearing a beaded necklace and a floral headband!
I take my jewellery very seriously, yes I do!

Whether you have an infant at home or a toddler with a messy head of hair, you can never go wrong with a headband. I went with a lot of floral-printed headbands that also complimented my little girl’s pretty outfits with patterns!

Minnie mouse sandals

Disney inspired Minnie Mouse sandals stacked together!
All every girl wants is a Minnie Mouse shoe!

You can never go wrong with a cutesy Minnie Mouse ballerina or shoe! Little girls love Minnie mouse, in fact, any Disney merchandise, in my personal opinion, becomes an instant hit with kids!

Adorable, artsy socks

Young child wearing Christmas socks
Merry Christmas from my happy feet to yours!

I love a good pair of socks and with the arrival of Autumn, my wardrobe becomes a secret hideout of the whackiest collection of socks! Ridhima loves wearing these colourful, patterned socks that I purchased for her.

Funky hairpins

Cute toddler wearing a pretty dress and hairpin holding a silver balloon!
Are you wondering how I got to be this cute?

My daughter is in love with her long locks and does everything she can to make it look pretty! That being said, I’m always on the lookout for funky, artistic, and supercool hairpins for her that usually end up making her entire day.

Pretty sunglasses

Two young girls wearing cool sunglasses, lying on the beach!
We don’t talk work on vacations!

I need to have a pair of sunglasses every time I go out, so as a habit my daughter has started doing the same thing! So, I got her these cute and colourful sunglasses that come in a plethora of shapes to go with her outfits. She carries them off like a total pro!

These are some of my all-time favourite baby girl accessories that I started off with. Do let me know the accessories that are a hit with your baby girl in the comments section!


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