4 Fun Clay Craft Ideas for Kids!

Toddler making hearts out of playdough

Looking for fun activities for toddlers? Try these super creative clay craft ideas! Engage your toddlers and create amusing shapes and patterns!

Styling Tutu Outfits for your Little Girl

A young girl dressed in a Tutu.

I would be lying if I said tutus aren’t in trend. These timeless pieces of fashion can be styled in many different ways to make your daughter look drop-dead gorgeous. Look at these tutu outfit styling tips!

Learning to Juggle Between Work and Kids

A young boy talking to his mom before leaving to school.

Juggling between a teacher’s job and taking care of my 4-year-old and 3-year-old isn’t the easiest task. Here’s how I learnt to prioritise what to do first and aced the parenting thing.

5 Practices that will Encourage Kids to Recycle

Encourage kids to recycle from a young age.

It is highly important for all of us to inculcate recycling in our culture because our environment is diminishing at a rapid rate. Children will make for great pioneers of this idea as long as they are guided on the right path. This is how I encourage my kids to recycle.