5 Fun Dance Games to Jazz up a Kid’s Party

What’s the fun in a kid’s party without a dance game! Some kids can be shy and others not so much but dance games will help break the ice and get them all grooving to some peppy music. Dance games are my favourite at kids parties because babies look the cutest dancing around in the spirit of fun.

Take a look at a few dance games for kids I’ve seen at parties. You could organise one of these at your child’s next birthday party!

Kids enjoying a dance game at a party.
Get your dance shoes on for some fun dance games!

1. Shine in the Spotlight!

This is a fun dance game that will get kids to enjoy the glamour of being under the spotlight. Make the children stand around in a circle and have them dance to some lively music. Dim the lights in the room and hold out a flashlight on the kids. Keep moving the spot light on all the kids dancing in the circle. Turn off the music every now and then. When the music is turned off, the child who was under the spotlight will get to move to the centre of the circle and showcase his or her moves.

2. What’s the Emoji

For this game, you’ll have to create emoji flash cards and a song playlist that will go with each of the emojis. Gather the kids around at the party and ask them to connect with the emoji being flashed and dance as per the emoji being shown.

Trust me, you wouldn’t know how creative your child is until you see him or her playing this game!

3. Freeze!

This a freestyle dance game where kids can show off their moves while the music is on. If you tag a child “it”, he or she will have to freeze in the move. The child can “unfreeze” only if another child mirrors the move while standing in front of him or her. The challenge is to stand in the same position until the child gets help! If the child moves before getting help, he or she is eliminated from the round. The last one on the dance floor will be the winner of the round.

4. The Last one on the Dance Floor

Before the party, make a few chits detailing attire such as “the one wearing red”, “the girl in polka dots”, “the boy wearing shorts”, and so on. Play some music for the kids to dance and then turn it off for a bit. Read out a chit and the kids who match the description are eliminated from the game. Turn on the music again and get them dancing. The last one on the dance floor wins!

5. Create your own Choreography

This dance game for kids lets them invent a whole new choreography at the party! Play music and let each kid perform a dance move. The next kid will have to copy the move and follow it up with a move of his own. Let the kids continue this until they’ve choreographed the entire chorus and have them perform together.

These are just some basic dance games. You can always come up with variations depending on whether you want them all dancing or want to make it a competitive game with a winner at the end. Make sure you have a gift for the winner though!

Did you like any of these games? Let me know if you’ve tried any at your kid’s party.

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  1. I think dance is a great way to keep your child fit. I like that you pointed out that most kids choose a dance to go into based off ones they have seen. Kids obviously love to dance and they can be more active if they are indulged in the dance classes.

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