The Everyday Mystery of the Missing Sock

Have you ever put three pairs of socks in the washing machine but recovered only one from each pair? That’s pretty much the case every day in my home. Strange but true. I’m sure even you’ve experienced this and wonder just how you managed to lose the sock. Guess we’ll never know!

Given my obsession for shoes, owning several pairs of socks comes as no surprise. My love for shoes, and consequently socks, is not limited to just my outfits but is something I have passed on to my kids as well. A shoe is easy to find but it’s the sock that somehow slips away every time!

Read to find out how I dealt with the everyday sock menace in my home.

The more… the not-so merrier

There was a time when I’d buy a matching pair of socks to go with every outfit I bought for my eldest daughter, Rita. I enjoyed the initial phase dressing up my little one in cute outfits paired with coloured socks, striped socks, floral socks, etc. Occasionally I would lose a sock here and there but I wasn’t too worried because all that mattered was dressing my girl up. As you can guess, before long I started losing more of them and I wasn’t as calm as I used to be about missing socks.

Kids wearing colourful socks.
Simply cannot get enough of shoes and socks!

Mismatched socks

Soon, my son, Eric, was born and there were socks everywhere! To add to my misery, my relatives started gifting socks! It went up to a point where I couldn’t find matching pairs for my son or my daughter.

Left with no choice, I’d make my kids wear mismatched socks. You won’t believe how adorable mismatched socks would make them look! We had started something of a trend by doing this and we saw many other kids wearing mismatched socks too. You should definitely try it too!

A girl sitting upside down on the couch while wearing a pair of mismatched socks.
You will be surprised with the amazing combinations your kids come up with!

Greys, whites and blacks

After my youngest, Aaron, was born I gave up looking for colourful socks. There was no way I could keep a tab on matching socks for all their outfits! That’s when I started buying grey, white, and black socks for all of them. They aren’t the cutest but it sure saved me a lot of trouble. I’d make my kids wear the same coloured socks – be it grey, white, or black even if there was a change in texture, feel, and material as long as they were of the same length.

Two kids wearing socks - one grey and the other black.
Multi-colours are great but greys and blacks work perfectly too!

I couldn’t solve the mystery of the missing sock but I sure learnt to work around it, over time.

How do you deal with missing socks? Let me know in the comments.


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