Get Your Li’l Plums Winter-ready in Footies

Winters call for warm woollens for your little one. But early winters do not always need the warmest of clothes. In fact, using socks or woollen caps when your baby is not cold could make him or her too sweaty and hence, fussy. So, the best way to keep your baby moderately warm during early winters is by using footies combined with add-ons like caps, socks, fleece slippers, mittens, etc.

Footies for cold nights

Early winters comprise of mostly moderate mornings and slightly cold and windy nights. You could get a comfortable cotton footie that will ensure your baby is warm, but not too warm, during the nights. I could tell that my daughter, Aarna, is cold when I would feel her hands and feet getting cold. I used to get her footies to keep her body and feet warm and mittens for the hands.

A footie with cute bear appliques at the feet.

Footies for a walk in the park

Let’s say you want to take your little one for a walk in the park or a short walk on the terrace of your home, you could get a footie with a hood so that your baby’s head is covered too. However, if you think it’s slightly cold outdoors and a hood won’t suffice, you can always carry a cap with you.

A footie with a hood.

Woollen footies for winters

While cotton and polyester footies can be used on warm days and early winter days, you can go for woollen footies during winter days. With or without a hood, these make for great winter outfits for kids.

A newborn wearing a woolen footie.

Footies keep your child warm and are available in adorable designs and colours.

What do you think of footsies as winterwear outfits for babies? Let me know in the comments.


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