Picking the Right Sunglasses for Kids

Sunglasses for kids were practically non-existent during my childhood. Today, you can find a wide range of sunglasses for kids. Children need sunglasses as much as us for the sole purpose of protecting our eyes from harmful rays of the sun. While it may not be necessary to wear sunglasses on a daily basis, we can get kids a pair that they can use during vacations or one-day outings.

We have plenty of options for sunglasses for kids at various eyewear stores. The options are what put me in a dilemma as to which is the right pair of sunglasses for my child.

So, after a couple of purchases, I decided to look out for these 4 basic things before deciding on sunglasses for my kids.


Kids can go full-diva with their sunglasses and not think twice before buying say, heart-shaped sunglasses. They look super cool in all shapes, colours, and styles. So, don’t shy away from buying fancy sunglass styles for your little one.

A girl wearing heart-shaped sunglasses.
Did someone say party!


Once you or your child have decided on the colour or style of sunglasses, you need to make sure the glasses are comfortable for the child. If they’re too tight at the nose pads or the bridge, kids may not want to wear them at all. And if they’re too big, your child may have a hard time handling it and end up looking like a bumblebee too. So, get your child to try glasses several times before you make the purchase.

A boy holding up huge glasses to his eyes.
Is it just me or do I see two suns?


Your number one priority when it comes to the quality of sunglasses should be the quality of the lenses. Since children are still growing physically, their eyes are quite sensitive to light. You should check the features of the lenses and ensure they provide maximum protection.

A boy on the beach wearing a pair of sunglasses and a hat.
Do you like my uber-cool summer look?


Children are playful. They’re not going to be lying on the beach sipping on a drink as adults do. In fact, children hardly sit still. I suggest you get sunglasses that can withstand falls. Glasses with a plastic frame should be better than ones with metal frames.

A group of kids wearing sunglasses lying adjacent to each other.
Should we go play or just chill here all day?

Have you gone sunglasses shopping for your child? Do let me know what you look at when you choose a pair of sunglasses for your child.


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