Why you should get LED shoes for your kids ASAP!

As a 90s kid, I can vouch for every other 90s kid’s craze for LED shoes back in the day. All of us, at some point, would’ve sported a pair of shoes with fun LED colours at the heel or around the sole. The shoes would light up with every step. However, these shoes went off the shelves as quickly as they made their way in. These long-forgotten legendary shoes have finally made a comeback! Now, your kids can brag and show off their very own LED shoes which are way more advanced than they use to be over 2 decades ago. What’s more, they make a great addition to a Halloween costume!

Here are 5 reasons why you should get LED shoes for your kids:

LED shoes come in an all-new design

The LED sneakers for the 1990s were super cool – no doubt. With time, the design as in the construct, as well as the exterior designs, have only gotten better. The shoes are now lightweight and are made with breathable material that will not lock the effect of perspiration within the shoes – making the LED shoes comfortable for kids.

In terms of the designs, the shoes look cooler with sober and classy colours and prints. The lights, on the other hand, are on a whole other level of cool. Depending on the make and price of the shoes, they come in a combination of static as well as dynamic light colours. Some of them even come with effects such as fading effect, flashing effect, colour cycle, and so on.

A kid wearing a pair of cool LED shoes.
Would you look at those shoes!

These shoes can now be recharged

One of the downsides of LED shoes from the 90, as we know it, is that the lights would go off in a week or two, if not in a few days. Disappointing as it is, the shoes wouldn’t look their best without the lights on. Now, the shoes come with rechargeable options and promise a much longer battery life. You can charge the shoes for about 2 or 3 hours and expect to see your kid dancing around in LED shoes for over 6 hours.

The rechargeable option also works out as a more environmentally-friendly option as you wouldn’t have to dispose and buy a new pair of LED shoes each time they stopped work. It saves you quite a lot of money too.

A pair of rechargeable LED shoes?
Who said we can’t charge shoes!

Convert the LED sneakers to regular sneakers with a switch

The new and advanced LED shoes come with switches that can convert your LED shoes into a regular pair of sneakers. You can ask your kid to use the shoes without lights during the day and with lights in the evening or at night. The switch lets your kids control how they’d like to wear their shoes.

A pair of pink LED shoes.
One minute they’re regular sneakers and next… they’re these cute pair that light up with every step.

LED sneakers as safety shoes in the dark

The LED lights on your kid’s shoes will help bike riders and car drivers see your little one in not-so-well-lit areas of the city. So if you’re going for a walk in the dark with your child or if he or she is cycling back home the LED shoes will act as safety shoes and help others on the road see your kid.

Two boys standing by a cycle in the dark.
LED shoes to lead the way!

The new shoes do not pose any health hazards

Earlier, many parents were fearful of the unsafe levels of mercury in LED shoes. Most of them avoided buying these LED shoes for kids due to this reason. Now that the shoes mostly come with safe and rechargeable batteries, you need not worry about putting your child at any kind of risk. Also, the shoes are splash-proof so you don’t have to be anxious about getting your kid to take his or her shoes off when walking in the rain.

A boy wearing LED shoes playing on a phone.
Get those LED shoes before it’s too late!

Now that LED shoes are back in style, you should consider getting a pair for your kid.

What’s your take on LED shoes? Do let me know in the comments below.


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