These 12 fun BFF Halloween costumes for kids will win all the treats!

Three kids dressed in Halloween costume in a spooky room
Ready to get spooked!

India is slowly embracing Halloween and we are loving it! Come Halloween, kids and adults dress up in amazing costumes. More often than not, kids love matching their costumes with their friends but finding fun BFF Halloween costumes for kids is a tough task. Here are 12 costume ideas for Halloween 2019 for kids that will guarantee all the candy!

Pickachu and Ash

Two people dressed as Pikachu and Ash
Gotta catch ‘em all!

Pokemon is one of those shows that is pretty much loved liked by everyone. I remember watching it as a teenager. It is also one of the famous themes for kids Halloween outfits. As much as I love the endearing friendship between different Pokemon, nothing comes close to the bond between Pikachu and Ash. This Halloween, why not go with the classic duo, after all their friendship was unparalleled. If your kids prefer to stick to the scary vibe of Halloween, there is always Team rocket to fall back on!

Burger and fries

Ken and Barbie dressed as Burger and French fries
Mmmm… We are lovin’ it!

If there is a friendship that was made in heaven, it’s the one between burger and fries. Well, burger and fries are more a mouth-watering food combination than they are friends. But hey, they are still dearly loved by many, aren’t they? A fun idea would be to take your costumed-up kids to McD, you might even get a free meal for all you know!

Motu Patlu

Picture of Motu and Patlu
What have you done now, Motu?
Image credits: Nickelodeon

We all love Motu Patlu, their friendship and Motu’s clumsiness never fails to entertain children. Why not let your kids dress up as the beloved duo from this popular cartoon series this Halloween? All you need is two bald caps, a fake moustache, and a pair of glasses!

Hiccup and Toothless

Picture of Hiccup and Toothless standing on a cliff
How far can we fly?

My son loves ‘How to train your Dragon’, he even has a worn-out Toothless plushie (one he refuses to part with). Hiccup and Toothless’ friendship didn’t start off smooth but ended up being one of the best. This Halloween, Sachin is going as Hiccup from the movie and has somehow managed to convince his sister to accompany him as Toothless. How he managed to pull that off, I’ll never know. All I know is that I have to go hunting for a Toothless costume now. Wish me luck!

Spy kids

 Spy Kids movie poster
We swear we are not spies!
Image credit: Wikepedia

Even though I wasn’t a little girl when I watched this movie, I still loved every bit of it. Juni and Carmen were the main protagonists in the movie and if your kids have watched the movie, I’m sure they’ll love dressing up as these cool kids! This is also one of the coolest sibling costume ideas!

The Hulk, Ant-man, and Taco

Picture of a taco
Have you seen Hulk or Ant-man?

Avengers Endgame had numerous heart-warming moments. But one of the endearing moments that made us snigger and go ‘aww’ was when Ant-man has his taco blown away by the wind and Hulk offers him one of his tacos. There is no doubt that kids will love the idea of going as this trio, the only problem is that I’m not sure anyone would willingly want to be the taco when they can be the superheroes! Better be prepared for some arguments!

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz characters
True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid!

How many kids don’t know about this classic movie is beyond me. If your kids haven’t watched ‘Wizard of Oz’, you still have time to change that and send them and their friends as the characters from the movie for this year’s Halloween. The costumes are fun and they also make for great pictures.

Ratatouille costume

Animated image of a mouse pulling a guy’s hair
Chef Remy taking over!

Let’s get real here, we all wish we had a Remy in our lives. Unfortunately, Remys of the real world are more into stealing food and wreaking havoc than cooking. But Remy and Brad from the movie make for a unique BFF costume for kids for Halloween. This also works out perfectly for people who are looking for costumes for their child and infant sibling. Just throw a mouse onesie on your infant and a chef’s costume on your son/daughter and you have an amazing BFF costume!

Wall-E and Eve

Toy figures of Wall E and Eve

Who doesn’t love the super sweet bond between Wall E and Eve! This duo made the grown-ups shed a few tears too. Dressing up as Wall E and Eve will get the children loads of compliments and, not to mention, a lot of candy too!

Woody and Buzz Lightyear

Two kids dressed up as Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story
I hope he doesn’t have a snake in his boots!

Woody and Buzz’s friendship from the Toy Story series is as real as it gets. It showed how there are fights and disagreements in friendship but true friendship endures everything. This is the perfect costume for your child and their best friend, especially if they have watched the movie and can recite the characters’ catchphrases!

Hagrid and Fluffy

Dog dressed up as Fluffy led by a kid dressed up as Harry Potter
I should’ve listened to Hermione!

Not every child’s best friend walks on two legs. Sometimes they are furry, chase their own tail, and love belly rubs. If your child’s best friend is a dog, you should try this funny and cute Halloween costume from Harry Potter! Your kid can dress up as Harry or Hagrid and the dog can go as the three-headed dog fluffy. Similarly, Norberta and hagrid work too!

Chota Beem and Chutki

Picture of Chhota Beem
Dancing for Laddoos!

What would Chhota Beem do without his best friend Chutki? Any child who loves Chhota Beem will be elated at the idea of going as this famous duo from the popular kid’s cartoon. Or your kid can go alone if he prefers, just pack a lot of laddoos for him while he goes trick or treating.


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