Micro-trends of the season for kids and how best to style them!

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all love trends. We look for pieces that are ‘in’ for that season when shopping, whether it’s for ourselves or our little ones. If you are looking to refresh your kid’s wardrobe, here are some micro-trends of the season for kids that you might want to look into!

Animal print

Over the last few years, animal prints have earned a reputation for being ‘cliched’ and ‘boring’ but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Animal print is one of the biggest micro-trends of the season for kids and I’m personally glad it’s back. When styled the right way, animal print can look chic and natty. Here are four classic and unique animal prints for this season.

Little girl pulling her animal printed coat up to her cheeks
This little leopard is cold!

This Leopard printed coat exudes sophistication and class and is perfect for winters. Girls love soft snuggly clothes and the faux fur detailing at the neck is sure to make any girl happy!

How to style it: Style the coat with a pair of black pants (leather, if your little girl is daring) and a deep coloured top for the perfect winter look!

Little girl wearing a trench coat, black printed leggings, boots and leopard print scarf standing against a wall.
What’s that on my neck?!

The key to looking like a little diva in animal prints lies in minimalism. If you are unsure about whether your little one will like this trend, start off with something as simple as an animal printed scarf like this one. It adds an edge to the outfit without being over the top.

How to style it: Style it with a monochromatic outfit and avoid pairing it with other loud prints.

Boy wearing a dinosaurs printed tee and jeans standing next to a plant.
Trying to camouflage these dinos!

Animal prints aren’t just limited to cheetah and leopard prints, there is much more to it than you can imagine. This casual dinosaur printed tee-shirt is super cool and definitely different from the regular animal prints.

How to style it: Team this tee-shirt with a pair of solid shorts or dark jeans. If your boy doesn’t mind being experimental, you can even pair it with dungarees.

Little boy wearing dinosaurs printed onesie next to balls of yarn
It’s time for a dino bed-time story!

Looks like animal prints are taking over the pyjamas too. How cute is this dino onesie? It also looks incredibly comfortable. Your kid can also wear this onesie outside when you take him along to run some errands.

How to style it: With a pair of plush booties while you read your little one a nice bedtime story.

Little boy wearing a zebra-printed shirt and suspenders standing on a floor strewn with oranges
Does the 5-second rule apply for oranges?

At first glance, you might not even notice that this shirt has animal prints and I like the subtlety of it. Animal print doesn’t have to be in your face, it can be subtle and yet, fashionable. This shirt looks perfect for picture-day at school.

How to style it: Style it with suspenders and pants like in the picture. Or take the fancy route with a blazer, trousers, and a bright bowtie.

Vehicle print

Yes, vehicle print is real. Yes, it’s amazing. And yes, it’s also one of the popular micro-trends of this season for kids. Kids don’t care much for abstract or paisley prints but give them a tee-shirt with cars or bikes, they will love it. Here are some cute vehicle print clothes.

Toddler sitting on the grass wearing a tee-shirt with a car print
Vroom Vroom!

Onesies are cute on toddlers and this solid onesie with a car-print is just adorable. What I love about this piece is that it’s so simple yet so unique! Tiny print for a tiny cutie!

How to style it: Style it with a pair of shoes in a contrasting colour and a hat!

Little boy wearing a vehicle printed shirt, shorts and sipping on lemonade
Effortlessly stylish!

Okay, this outfit takes the cake! How cool is this shirt with multiple vehicle prints? This outfit will make your little guy look effortlessly dapper!

How to style it: Style it with a pair of light coloured shorts and some bold sneakers or slip-on shoes. 

Space print

Rockets, stars, and anything space-related will pique every child’s interest. This is one of the top mico trends for this season and I can see why. Clothing with space prints are just out of this world (pun intended) and can look dreamy or quirky depending on what you pick!

Two boys in colourful outfits walking and smiling
How many times should I tell him I need space?!

Every child should own a quirky piece in their closet that will just brighten up any simple outfit. This jacket is the perfect example of a quirky wardrobe essential. This waxy black jacket with bright stars is all your little boy needs to amp up his style quotient!

How to style it: Oh, the possibilities are endless with this one. For a clean look, pair it with a single colour outfit or go bold and pair it with outfits of contrasting colours!

Girl in a star-printed dress and boy in a tuxedo standing next to each other and smiling
Don’t we look out of this world?

How dreamy is this star-spangled dress? Perfect for birthdays, parties or even the school dance! Now imagine a neon version of this in the dark, that will be beyond magical! Fashion labels, are you listening?

How to style it: Pair it with some glittery ballerinas and a pretty hairband.

Which of these micro-trends for kids is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!


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