These 4 old wives tales about pregnancy and gender prediction are a bit ridiculous!

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Old Wives tales are like boomerangs. They always find their way back, regardless of how many times they are thrown away or shunned. I never knew about the sheer number of old wives tales about pregnancy and gender prediction until I was pregnant. People would tell me all sorts of things and most of them involved gender predictions based on my physical appearance while being pregnant. Now that I think of it, I realise that it was kind of rude to be told things like that. Here are some old wives tales about gender prediction and pregnancy!

Old wives tales about gender prediction- Your skin changes!

Woman with dull skin being compared to a woman with bright skin

The tale: I usually have a lot of acne but my skin became clear during my first pregnancy. My aunt told me that this indicated I was having a boy. As the tale goes – if you have dull skin during pregnancy, you will have a girl and if your skin glows, you’ll have a boy. Well, the joke was on her as I busted that pregnancy myth by giving birth to a beautiful baby girl four months later.

Your skin will obviously change during pregnancy due to hormones and other internal changes in your body. It has nothing to do with the gender of your baby.

Old wives tales about pregnancy and gender- The position of the belly!

Pregnant woman holding her belly

The tale: This is one of the most popular myths about pregnancy out there. It is said that if you are carrying high, you are expecting a girl and if you are carrying low, you are expecting a boy.

This has nothing to do with baby gender because how you carry the baby depends on your body type, muscle strength, and weight distribution in your body.

Old wives tales about pregnancy and gender- Cravings!

Sugar and salt on a table with wooden spoons

The tale: There are many myths about cravings during pregnancy, according to this old wives tale, if you’re pregnant and craving something sweet, you are definitely having a girl. It’s said that if you are craving sugar, you will have a girl and if your cravings lean towards the savoury and salty side, you will have a boy.

I craved for something sweet after lunch every day even before Deepika was born. Was that my body foreshadowing? Of course not! Your cravings have nothing to do with the sex of your baby.

This old wives tale will make anyone moody!

Pregnant woman going through mood swings

The tale: Thought your mood swings were because of the hormones? Well, according to this old wives tale, it has everything to do with your baby’s gender. According to this myth, if you are jovial and feeling good, you’ll have a boy. And if you have mood swings and are cranky, you’ll have a girl.

Pregnant women experiencing mood swings is a real thing because of different levels of hormones and changes in the body. Sure, I had mood swings during my pregnancy too, and I ended up giving birth to a girl. But I feel like my crankiness had more to do with my swollen feet, the constant need to pee, and never being in a comfortable position rather than my baby’s gender!

These are some of the old wives tales I’ve heard about pregnancy and gender prediction. Have you heard of any? Let me know in the comments!


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