28 GK questions on Current Affairs and India for Children aged 6-10 years!

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What better way to ensure your kids are well-read and informed than through a quiz of GK questions on current affairs? We know how much you love quizzing your kids, here are 27 general knowledge questions on India and the current affairs of the country. Get quizzing!

Easy GK questions on current affairs

  • The current President of India is________?

Answer: Ram Nath Kovind

  • What is the name of ISRO’s new humanoid robot that will go to space next?

Answer: Vyommitra.

  • What is the primary function of the Governor of India?

Answer: To protect, preserve, and defend the law and constitution as incorporated in their oath.

  • How many kite festivals does India have in a year?

Answer: Around 200. Gujarath celebrated 31st Kite festival this year in January.

  • What are India’s top sports in the Olympics?

Answer: Field hockey, Shooting, Wrestling, and Athletics are some of India’s top sports in Olympics.

  • What is the professional Twenty20 cricket league in India called?

Answer: IPL

  • Which Indian Cricketer was recently given the ‘Padma Vibushan’ award?

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

General Knowledge questions on India

  • Where is the headquarters of ISRO located?

Answer: Bangalore

  • Which are the two houses of the Parliament?

Answer: The Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

  • Which is India’s smallest state?

Answer: Goa

  • Who was the author of Ramayana?

Answer: Valmiki

  • How many states and union territories are there in India?

Answer: There are 29 states and 7 union territories

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  • Which city is known as the Blue City of India?

Answer: Jodhpur

  • Which country shares the shortest border with India?

Answer: Afghanistan

  • Who was the first Indian to receive the Nobel peace prize?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

  • Which latitude line passes through India?

Answer: Tropic of Cancer

  • Name the three services of Indian Armed forces.

Answer: Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air force.

  • Which is the national language of India?

Answer: India does not have a national language even though many people mistake it to be Hindi.

  • Which state is known as ‘Scotland of the East’ in India?

Answer: Meghalaya

Map of India
  • Which is the biggest Indian state?

Answer: Rajasthan

  • Who is known as the Flying Sikh of India?

Answer: Milka Singh

  • How many Olympic medals has India won up until now?

Answer: 28 medals in total (9 gold, 7 silver, and 12 bronze)

  • India is the largest producer of this mineral.

Answer: Sheet Mica

  • Who has the highest authority in India?

Answer: The President

  • What is India’s national flower?

Answer: Lotus

  • How many languages does the Indian Constitution recognise?

Answer: 22

  • Which state in India has the largest population?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

  • What is the note issue system followed in India?

Answer: Minimum Reserve System

Hope you enjoyed these GK questions on current affairs and India. Let us know in the comments section as to how much your children scored!


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