Why you should play with your child every day

I recently watched a social experiment video that tried to showcase the importance of parents playing with their kids. Basically, they asked kids if they like to play with their parents and almost all the kids said they did and that their parents were too busy to play with them. The video did end on a happy note with parents joining their kids later and playing games with them but I thought I could share the importance of playing with children, especially during their growing years.

Firstly, playing is fun!

You can never get too old to play a game – be it an outdoor or indoor game. We’re usually so clogged up with our daily tasks, work-life, and other pressures that we see playing with kids as unnecessary. I know it’s not easy to go back home and play a game of catch or even a board game when all you want to do is relax on your recliner. The stress of cooking dinner, cleaning up the house, finishing up work, etc. is an added reason that becomes an excuse.

With 3 kids, all 2 years apart, I understand what it’s like to have a zillion things on a to-do list. That never stopped me from agreeing to play with my kids whenever they asked or initiating a small game with them myself. I found that playing was much more relaxing and stress-relieving. All it needs is a little push and you will find yourself immersed and thoroughly enjoying the game.

A boy and his dad enjoying a ride on a baby scooter.
Break the routine and have fun!

Playing helps grow skills

Playing with children helps improve social skills, gross motor skills and problem-solving skills. You may think you could get your older child to play with the younger ones so that all the skills are developed. However, the effect of a parent playing with a child is different from the effect of a sibling playing with him or her. Children yearn to play with their parents because they give them all their attention and of course, there’s the special parental touch that is endearing.

In fact, it is said that the effect of a mother playing with the child is different from the effect of a father playing with him or her.

A girl and mom playing with building blocks.
Hey, mom, is that a block or a candy?

Playing aids in growing a bond

The most common way by which children make friends is through fun and play – which means that playing helps build relationships. Adults, too, build relationships by spending quality time with each other. Just like all other relationships, building and nurturing the relationship with your child is also important. Playing is believed to help increase oxytocin levels – which will play a role in creating a strong bond between the parent and child. This way, children will get to see your light and amusing side too!

A boy and dad spending quality time with each other.
There’s no going back once they’re all grown up! Make the most of it now!

Are you convinced to play with your children now? Let me know in the comments!


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