7 benefits of sugarcane juice apart from its great taste!

A local sugarcane machine.

A glass of sugarcane juice is all you need on a hot day at work or a day of street shopping. Now that summer is right around the corner, you will find tiny sugarcane stalls at the end of every lane. This tasty juice extracted from fresh sugarcane not only quenches your thirst but also benefits you in more than one way in terms of health. Since India is the largest producer of sugarcane, you can get a glass of sugarcane juice for a price as low as Rs.10 at the local stalls where the juice is extracted from the traditional machines hand-wound by the vendor.

Sugarcane, thanks to its natural sweet taste, does not need any sugar substitutes when relished as a juice. In fact, you can add a little flavour with some mint, pepper, black salt or ginger. I’m sure you’re craving some sugarcane juice already! So, let’s quickly go through the 7 most important benefits of sugarcane.

1. Boosts energy

A young girl jumping high.

We’ve all felt the strain and drain after shopping on a sunny day, or after a tough workout. You could be feeling all weak, dehydrated and lethargic but after a glass of fresh sugarcane juice, you are sure to feel energised and refreshed. Sugarcane contains the simplest form of sugars i.e. sucrose which can be broken down by the body easily and quickly. Also, glucose in sugarcane helps increase muscle power. Thus, sugarcane juice acts as an instant energy booster and strength builder.

2. Aids digestion

Sugarcane juice as a digestive tonic.

Sugarcane is a great acidity tonic. The alkaline nature of sugarcane helps maintain the acid-base balance and hence prevents acidity and the resultant burning sensation. The potassium in the sugarcane juice will also help maintain the pH level, which will enable the secretion of digestive juices. So those who suffer from any kind of digestive issue or constipation should try sugarcane juice as a remedy.

3. Helps treat UTI

One of the benefits of sugarcane juice is prevention of kidney ailments.

The diuretic nature and the protein levels of sugarcane help keep the kidneys healthy. It aids in the prevention of kidney-related ailments such as Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), kidney stones, STDs, and prostatitis. For best results, drink the sugarcane juice with coconut water or a dash of lemon about twice a day.

4. Boosts immunity

A girl meditating on the beach.

Sugarcane also contains antioxidants that help boost the immune system of the body, prevent liver disorders that can lead to ailments such as jaundice, and helps maintain the bilirubin levels of the body. 

5. Helps control diabetes

An old man checking his diabetes level.

The low glycemic index value of sugarcane helps control the sugar level in diabetic patients. Anyone suffering from diabetes need not fear to drink sugarcane juice only because it is sweet. However, do check with your doctor before you add this to your diet.

6. Helps get rid of bad cholesterol

A young girl measuring her hip.

Sugarcane juice has also been found to eliminate bad cholesterol from the body. Bad cholesterol is the reason for unhealthy weight gain. So, consuming sugarcane juice on a daily basis will help you reduce weight over time. All the toxins will be flushed out and your metabolism will improve with the inclusion of sugarcane juice in your diet.

7. Prevents bad breath

A young lady checking her breath.

Bad breath is caused by tooth decay and deficiency of certain nutrients. Sugarcane is rich with minerals such as calcium and phosphorus that will provide the necessary nutrients and help with the reformation of the tooth enamel. The prevention and strengthening of the teeth automatically reduce bad breath.

So these are the 7 most important health benefits of sugarcane juice. Do you like sugarcane? How often do you drink sugarcane juice? Let me know in the comments.


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