5 Games to Sharpen your Kid’s Memory

Once kids start going to school, there are so many things that they have to remember – starting from the English alphabet to rhymes, multiplication tables, word spellings, poems, math formulae, so on and so forth. – which is why it is important to hone your kid’s memory powers right from the start, maybe even before they start going to school. The best way to do this is to make them play memory games for kids. While they have fun solving exciting problems, little do they know that they are expanding their memory.

5 Interesting memory games for kids

1. Memory

Memory is a very common game and a fun one too! I’ve played it numerous times myself and never gotten bored of it.

The idea is simple. The game comes with picture cards in pairs. You have to shuffle all the cards and place them with the picture facing down, one next to another. Each child gets to turn two cards at a time. If a child picks up matching cards at once, he or she gets to keep the cards. If not, they’ll have to place it upside down again and wait for their turn.

The trick lies in remembering which card is placed where so that your child can pick up the matching cards together.

A girl seen playing a game of memory.
I think I found the matching card!

2. What’s missing?

If you don’t want to buy games and prefer creating memory games for kids at home – this can be one of them.

All you have to do is pick up tiny objects from around the house and place it on a tray. Ask your child to observe each and every object carefully and then cover the tray with a napkin. Make your child close his or her eyes and remove one of the objects. The child’s task will be to name the missing item.

A basket of toys to play a memory game.
Round up a few toys for your kids to memorise.

3. Picture memorisation

This is another game where your child will have to memorise what he or she sees. This game, like the previous one, will enhance your child’s visual memory.

Pick a picture or a painting that has lots of objects in it and display it to the children for a couple of minutes. Then, put the picture down and ask the kids to list out all the objects they see on a piece of paper. The one to get the maximum number of items wins!

A picture for kids to memorise.
To make the task challenging, find a picture with plenty of details.

4. The things you can find in my shopping bag are…

This game is a group activity and is fun with a large group of children.

As the name of the game goes, you can start the game by saying, “The things you can find in my shopping bag are…” and name 1 items you have in your bag. Then, the children repeat the sentence. This goes on, with subsequent additions to the number of items, until one of them forgets an item or gets stuck.

A group of kids having fun playing a memory game.
Do you remember what’s in my shopping bag!

5. Number train

This game is similar to the previous one but involves numbers instead of words.

Start the game with a single-digit number. Each child will have to call out the number you chose and follow it with another single-digit number. The game goes on until one of them forgets the sequence of numbers.

Kids participating in the Number Train game.
I can finish the number train!

Did you like these memory games for kids? If you know any other memory game, let me know in the comments.


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