31 adorable and modern Hindu baby girl names starting with A

What happens when you finally bring your newborn home from the hospital? Do you organise a ‘Welcome Home’ party for the baby and the mommy? Or do you spend the following weeks arguing and disagreeing with each other over what to name the baby? If you belong to a quintessential Hindu family, you will agree with the latter! 

Baby names are a huge deal in my family, so when my daughter was born, it was like enduring a cyclone of names!

To make the affair of naming your baby less messy and more streamlined and fun, here’s a list of some of the most modern Hindu baby girl names starting with A! Hope you find something you love…

Mother kissing her infant lovingly!
The day you were born, angels clapped their hands!
AmyaThe night rain
AhanaThe first ray of sunshine
AadritiGoddess Lakshmi
AmairaA unique Hindu baby girl name meaning ‘beautiful’
AnayaSomeone who does not have a superior
AnushkaGrace, favour
AryaA noble Goddess
ArunimaGlow of dawn
AkshayaEternal or indestructible
AhinaMy favourite Hindu baby girl name meaning strength
AishwaryaWealth, fame, success
AkankshaA wish
AkiraGraceful strength
AkshadaGod’s blessing
AnasuaSomeone who’s not jealous
AneesaOne without darkness
AnimaThe feminine aspect of a man’s personality

Your baby’s name should resonate with her personality! So, make sure it is thoughtful, unique, and modern.

Infant girl in red dress playing with her plush toy!
A million-dollar smile!

Got more ideas for awesome Hindu baby girl names starting with A? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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