25 Modern Hindu Boy Names that start with A

The letter A.

The first question all new moms and dads get asked is what we’re going to name our newborn. The hunt for a unique name is real! I remember going through numerous websites and getting utterly confused if I should pick a classic name or a modern one. So here’s a narrowed list of unique Hindu baby boy names that start with A.

Aarush: The first ray of sunlight

Adhrit: One worthy of respect, One who is self-sufficient

Advik: Unique

Agneya: Son of agni

Adeep: Light

A young boy admiring the sunlight.
The morning sun rays are so orange!

Alaap: The first section of an Indian musical performance

Alankar: Ornaments

Ameet: Bearing no limit

Amit: Endless

Amir: Rich

A newborn baby surrounded by dollar bills.
Are you ready for the next cruise, pal?

Amod: Happiness

Anant: Infinite

Angad: A mythological character

Aniket: Lord of one and all

Amitosh: Always happy

A happy baby boy.
That’s funny, Dad!

Anish: Supreme

Anoop: The best

Anshuman: Sun

Anupam: Incomparable

Antariksh: Space

A newborn placed in a space set up.
It’s time to take off!

Anvay: Integration

Arihant: One who killed his enemies

Avichal: Unmoved

Avneesh: God of Earth

Ayush: Age

A newborn baby holding a globe.
I’ve got the whole world in my hands!

Did you like any of these Hindu baby boy names that start with A? If you did pick any of these, I’d be happy to know. Do let me know in the comments!


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