23 Unique Hindu baby girl names starting with letter D!

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I love unique baby names. I did a whole lot of research trying to find the perfect name for my daughter when she was born. But in the end, I decided to name her Deepika after my grand aunt who is now deceased. Recently, when I was cleaning out my closet, I came across some of the Hindu baby girl names I had written down back then. Here are some unique Hindu baby girl names starting with D!

Dakshi- Short and sweet, Dakshi is a modern name for Hindu girls. The name means ‘Glorious’ or ‘Able’. It is inspired by the name Daksha.

Daayini- It’s rare that you will come across someone with this name. Daayini is a modern Hindu name and means ‘Generous’.

Daivi- Inspired by the name ‘Devi’ which means ‘Goddess’ in Sanskrit and several other languages. Daivi means ‘pious soul’.

Dua- Dua is a very sweet name for Hindu girls. It means ‘good wishes’ or ‘invocation’. If you are a fan of pop music, you might recognise a pop star with the same name, Dua Lipa. The singer’s first name means ‘Love’ in Albanian.

Danu- We know our wonderful earth by many names- Bhoomi, Dharani, etc. But did you know that Danu also means ‘Earth’? Well, it actually means ‘Goddess Earth’ and we think it’s a wonderful name for a Hindu girl.

Davi- Meaning ‘angel’, Davi is a unique name for your little girl who is the embodiment of a sweet little angel.

Danusiya- We know that your little girl was born to shine. With a name like ‘Danusiya’ which means ‘Shine’, we are sure that she will do just that!

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Dayita- The name Dayita is a Sanskrit origin name and means ‘Beloved’ or ‘Liked’. Perfect for your adorable bundle of joy who is loved by everyone.

Deepta- Your girl must be calling all the shots right now, including when you get to sleep. If you think she will continue this way to end up being a feisty woman, you should probably name her Deepta meaning ‘Feisty’ or ‘Flaming’

Debisha- Debisha is a name quite popular amongst Hindu Bengalis. The name means ‘Divine’ or ‘Angelic’.

Deenal- Meaning ‘Sweet girl’, this name is perfect for your daughter if you want a simple yet sweet name.

Deepna- Looking for a mythology-inspired name that’s also unique and modern? Deepna is a good choice. It means ‘Goddess Lakshmi’.

Delakshi- Many believe that when a baby arrives into your life, it also brings with along a lot of joy and fortune. If you believe the same, you should name your girl Delakshi meaning ‘Fortune’.

Deshani- Deshani is a Hindu girl name that’s quite uncommon in India. The name means ‘Queen of the Country’.

Devalina- Meaning ‘Like a Goddess’, Devalina is a Hindu girl name that’s very popular amongst Bengalis. 

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Devoshri- If you are insistent on a unique Hindu name for your girl, there can’t be anything better than ‘Devoshri’. It means ‘The diamond of Kohinoor’.

Devjani- How about a name that embodies the true adorable nature of your daughter? Devjani meaning ‘Adorable’ will be perfect for your delightful daughter.

Dhanavi- Meaning ‘Affluence’ and ‘Wealth’, Dhanvi or Dhanavi is a name very similar to Delakshi in meaning and suitable for Hindu girls.

Dhaatree- There are some names that are the perfect blend of modern and traditional and Dhaatree is one of them. The name means ‘Impulsive’.

Dhea- This is a such a pretty name, isn’t it? Dhea (not to be confused with Diya) means ‘Kindness’ or ‘Goddess’.

Dia- Another variation of the very popular Hindu girl name starting with D, Diya, this name means ‘bright’ or ‘light’.

Divvy- Even though it sounds like a nickname, Divvy is perfect for a first name and means ‘dazzling’.

Dolika- It’s not hard to guess what this name means. If you guessed ‘Doll’, you are right. What could be a better name for your little doll?

Which one of these Hindu baby girl names starting with D is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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