21 Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names that start with P

More often than not, choosing baby names becomes a family affair. You will have names coming in from your family and your spouse’s family too! As the numbers grow, it’s definitely not going to get any easier to choose the best name for your baby boy! So here, we have listed 21 of the best Hindu baby girl names that start with P. Browse through them and choose your pick!

  • Padmal: A slight variation of the traditional names with P such as Padmaja or Padmakshi, Padmal means ‘Lotus’.
  • Panchali: The names of characters from ancient texts and epics are something of a trend these days. The name Panchali is the other name of Draupadi from Mahabharat.
  • Pallavi: Pallavi is a popular name in the south but is one of the best choices. The name carries the meaning ‘Bloom’.
  • Parineeta: Parineeta is a very powerful name that means ‘Complete and perfect’. This should be perfect for your sweet little girl.
  • Palak: Palak is a very suitable name for baby girls and is one of my favourite on this list! The name means ‘Eyelash’.
A Hindu girl's beautiful eyes.
Baby girls are such dreamers!
  • Pari: The name Pari is a common nickname for names like Parineeta but is also a name in itself! Pari in Hindi translates to ‘Fairy’.
  • Parul: Parul is the name of ‘a flower’ with five petals that is a beautiful name for baby girls. The name also means ‘Graceful’.
  • Pavani: Little baby girls are so full of joy and innocence. The name Pavani, which means ‘Pure’ describes these little bundles of joy beautifully.
  • Pavi: Pavi is a sweet two-syllable name that is unique and is hence perfect for your little one. The name holds the meaning ‘Lightning’.
  • Parveen: Parveen is a popular name in the north, mostly among Punjabis. The name stands for ‘A Star’. Parveen Babi was the name of a star in the Hindi movie industry in the 1970s.
A baby girl happy about her baby name.
You’re my best friend too, Teddy!
  • Payal: Payal might sound like a familiar name but still goes on the list of names as it’s one of my favourites! The name carries the meaning ‘Anklet’.
  • Phalak: The name is very unique and is mostly used in the north. Phalak means ‘Sky’.
  • Phalguni: This is yet another name that is popular in the north. The name translates to a ‘Full Moon Day’ in the month of Phalgun in the Hindu calendar.
  • Pia: If you’re looking for a name that is short and meaningful, you could consider the name Pia. The name means ‘Beloved’.
  • Piyali: Piyali is a very rare name that means ‘A Tree’. In fact, I haven’t come across anyone by that name.
A girl enjoying the nature.
I love nature walks!
  • Poorna: Your lives may not have felt as complete as it does now with the arrival of your baby girl. So your baby daughter deserves the name Poorna that means ‘Complete’.
  • Prachi: Prachi is a suitable name for parents who are looking for a familiar yet meaningful name. The name that means ‘Eastern’.
  • Pradhi: I’m sure your little girl will aspire to achieve big things in life. The name Pradhi, which means, ‘Intelligent’ would do her justice always.
  • Pranali: You can find several Hindu girl names that are very meaningful. One such name is Pranali which translates to ‘Organisation’.
  • Pranati: If you believe in the power of prayer, you should pick the name Pranati which literally means ‘Prayer’.
  • Pragya: Your little girl will certainly grow up listening to wise words making her a wise young lady herself! The name Pragya would be a perfect choice then as it means ‘Wisdom’.
A baby wearing glasses pretending to read a book.
So the value of pi is 3.14159265358…

Did you pick any of these Hindu baby girl names that start with P for your baby girl? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Parineeta is a very beautiful name. I have to choose one for my niece and I think I am going to go with this. It has that old world charm to it.

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