21 Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names that start with G

The letter G for baby names.

After having a baby, among other important things, one of the most daunting tasks is to find a name for your little one. While we would like to land on a perfect name the minute we start looking for one, more often than not these hunts don’t end without a little family drama. Once we decide on the first letter of the baby’s name, we will have calls coming in from all members of the family suggesting an array of names!

A little girl sitting by the window.
Can we get a kitten, Mom?

However, you could do with a list of names of your own that you could choose from for your little baby. Here, I have compiled a list of the most uncommon Hindu baby girl names that start with G. Take a look!

Gandhari: The name sounds like royalty, doesn’t it? This is probably because the name was that of a prominent character in the epic – Maharashtra. Gandhari is the wife of Kind Dhritarashtra and comes from the kingdom, Gandhara.

Gargi: The name has its roots in the Vedic Era where a female saint was known by the name Gargi. The name means ‘A person who inspires to use your full potential’.

Garima: Garima is a unique Hindu name which stands for ‘Honour’, ‘Strength’, and ‘Warmth’. A girl with this name is said to have all these qualities.

Gehna: Gehna is a beautiful name that means ‘Jewellery’. This would be a perfect name for your little daughter.

Gitika: This a nice-sounding name which means ‘A short song’. You could name your little one Gitika and who knows, she might grow up to become a professional singer!

A girl singing for an audience.
Let it goooo, let it goooo!

Gunjan: ‘The humming of bees’ is known as Gunjan. This name happens to be a unisex name that can be taken by boys as well!

Ganavi: Ganavi is a beautiful name that means ‘Singer’. This happens to be a cousin’s name and the name suits her perfectly well.

Geet: The name Geet means ‘Melody’. The first thing that would cross a Bollywood fanatic’s mind on hearing this name is the bubbly lead character from the Hindi movie – “Jab We Met”.

Guna: A perfect 2-syllable name that needs no nickname – Guna means ‘Good character’.

Garvi: Garvi is one of the most unique names that starts with the letter ‘G’. The name holds the meaning – ‘Pride’.

A girl jumping up in pride.
I did it! I won!

Gaura: While one of the meanings of gaura is ‘A fair woman’, the other is ‘White’ which stands for peace. The name is also another name for Goddess Parvati.

Geeti: The name Geeti is of Hindi origin and means ‘Song’. If you’re looking for a short yet sweet name for your little one, I suggest you go with this beautiful name!

Gaatri: Gaatri is similar to the name Gayatri which is the name of for the ‘Mother of Vedas’ as well as Goddess Durga.

Gitika: Gitika is yet another name which means ‘Song’. This is my personal favourite from the list of names that begin with G!

Gunjal: The name is of Hindi origin and means ‘Blessed water’. It’s a unisex name that can also mean ‘Humming’ like the humming sound of bees.

A newborn baby dressed as a bee.

Gunita: The meaning of the word ‘Gun’ meaning ‘virtue’, the name Gunita means ‘A virtuous woman’. The name also means ‘Proficient’.

Grishma: Grishma is a popular Hindu girl name which means the ‘Season of Summer’ in Sanskrit.

Gitali: Gitali is certainly no common name and sounds perfect for a baby girl. It’s a simple name and ‘Geet’ can be short for Gitali.

Gandhali: Gandhali is a beautiful name that seems to have an ancient literature-ish touch to it. The name means ‘Perfumed’.

Garvita: I haven’t heard the name Garvi much earlier which makes it one of the latest names that start with G. This beautiful name means ‘Pride’.

Gul: Gul is a simple three-letter name that means ‘Rose’. A popular Indian actress goes by the name Gul Panag.

A girl smelling a bouquet of roses.
These smell so good!

Which one of these Hindu baby girl names that start with G do you like best? Did you name your girl any of the names I’ve mentioned? I’d love to know in the comments!


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