21 Modern Hindu Baby Boy names that start with B

The letter B.

Choosing a name for your newborn is a delightful experience. Most of us like to choose a name that has a nice ring to it and has a positive meaning. Once you decide which letter your child’s name could start with, you can go through an array of websites that will offer you an extensive list of baby names. While the options can impress some, most others are bogged down by the burden of narrowing down on a single name.

A baby boy holding a teddy bear.
Hello, Teddy!

So, here we present you with the best modern baby names that will help you with your baby name hunt.

I’ve listed about 21 of the most unique Hindu baby boy names that start with B along with their respective meanings here:

Bhagat: Devotee

Bharat: The universal emperor, brother to Lord Ram

Bhargav: Another name for Lord Shiva

Bhav: Another name for Lord Shiva, also means “emotion”

Baadal: Cloud

A baby wearing a superman costume.
Hey! Just stopped by to say hello!

Bhavan: Another name for Lord Krishna, also means “creator”

Bhavesh: Another name for Lord Shiva

Bhavik: Devotee

Biplav: Revolution

Bhuvan: The world

A baby with a globe on his tummy.
I think I see a shark here, Mom!

Barsaat: A term used to welcome the rain

Bharan: Jewel

Bharg: Brilliance

Bhavish: Future

Bal: Strength

A young boy showing off his muscles.
Mom: Who’s the strongest boy? Me: Look here, Ma.

Badal: Cloud

Badhra: Full moon

Baiju: Sun

Balan: Youthful

Bhavin: Winner

Basant: Spring

A baby reaching out for a dandelion.
I love spring! Oh wait, it’s only my first spring!

Which of these Hindu baby boy names that start with B did you like? Share any other name that starts with the letter B, in the comments!


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