21 modern Hindu baby boy names starting with M that will woo you!

Searching for some of the most alluring, unique, and modern Hindu baby boy names starting with M? You’ve landed in the right place!

The alphabet M decorated with flowers.

Maan – This name has an Indian origin. Even though it is quite a popular Hindu name for boys, I love it! Maan means someone who is respected.

Mitansh – When you think about the perfect name, Mitansh immediately comes to your mind. And, the name has an even prettier meaning. Mitansh means a sweet friend.

Mudit – More than anything else, you’d always want your baby to be happy and content in life. Well, Mudit might just be the perfect name, for it means happy or pleased.

Mrigesh – Another beautiful Indian name for boys, Mrigesh means lion.

Makur – Who doesn’t love a name with a profound meaning? Name your child Makur, which means mirror.

Mahant – Your baby’s name should reflect his personality! It’s only fitting that you name him Mahant – which means great.

Manas – A very popular Indian baby boy name, Manas stands for an individual who is very wise.

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Mahir – This name has an Arabic origin. However, it has become a widely popular Hindu name for boys. Mahir means someone who is an expert and very brave.

Maadhav – Another name of Lord Krishna, it is believed that people who go by the name Maadhav, symbolise dependence and faith. An age-old belief is that people named Maadhav eventually earn a lot.

Makul – A sweet Hindu name for a sweet boy, Makul means a bud.

Mardav – A name with simplicity at its core, Mardav means soft.

Mayur – A name with a beautiful meaning, Mayur has been one of my favourite Indian boy names. It means for peacock.

Megraj – This name has an Indian origin and it means ‘An Epithet of Indra’!

Mishal – An indirect Quranic name for boys, Mishal has become quite a popular Hindu name for boys! Mishal is actually a synonym of the name Mashal, which means lantern or light.

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Madhuj – An absolutely heartwarming name for your little angel. Madhuj is indicative of a person who is as sweet as honey.

Madhavan – One of my favourite Bollywood actors, R.Madhavan has always impressed me with his brilliant acting and those dazzling rugged looks! Madhavan is another name of Lord Shiva.

Manan – This name is indicative of an individual who is a devotee or has the personality of a sage with a strong focus. Manan means a peaceful and sincere person.

Maharsh – This name is in reference to ‘Maharishi’ which means a great individual. Maharsh refers to the Hindu mythological god – Lord Rama.

Mayan – A profoundly meaningful Hindu baby boy name, Mayan means a person who has no inclination towards money or wealth.

Mithil – This alluring name has been derived from an ancient Indian kingdom ‘Mithila’.

Mrinmoy – A captivating name for your little one, Mrinmoy means someone who is born of Earth.

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Hope you liked this list of modern Hindu baby boy names starting with M! 

I would love to know if you guys liked any name in particular. Share your views with me in the comments below.


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