15 Unique Muslim baby girl names starting with the letter ‘E’!

Baby girl holding the letter E

Looking for some unique Muslim baby girl names starting with the letter E? You’ve come to the right place!

  • Eihaa- We are sure your little girl has inspired you to turn your life around. In that case, Eihaa meaning ‘to inspire’ will be the perfect name for her.
  • Eiliyah- This pretty Muslim baby girl name has a very beautiful meaning. The name means ‘The one who grows in peace and love with Allah’.
  • Eiman- The name Eiman or Eimaan means ‘Faith’ or ‘Religion’.
  • Eira- This Muslim girl name starting with E has many meanings. ‘Snow’ and ‘Gift to Allah’ being the two most popular meanings.
  • Elham- This beautiful Muslim girl name means ‘Inspiration’ or ‘Revelation’.
  • Enam- Meaning ‘Reward’ or ‘Prize’, this will make for a wonderful name for your pretty little girl.
  • Erha- This is such a pretty name for girls, isn’t it? The name means ‘God-gifted’.
  • Enisa-If you are looking for a modern name with a nice meaning, you should consider ‘Enisa’ meaning ‘Good friend’.
  • Eyza- Meaning ‘Noble’ or ‘Honor’, Eyza is quite an uncommon name for girls but nonetheless, very pretty.
  • Ermina- Is your little girl friendly with everyone? Then you should name her Ermina meaning ‘Friendly’.
  • Eshaal- Eshaal is a one-of-a-kind name for Muslim girls. The name means ‘Flower of Paradise’.
  • Ezra- This unisex name suits both Muslim boys and girls. Ezra means ‘Peace’.
  • Emel- Meaning ‘Desire’, Emel is quite a unique name for Mulsim girls.
  • Erina- We are sure your pretty little girl will one day grow up to be a beautiful young woman. What could be a better name for her than Erina, meaning ‘Beautiful woman’!
  • Erum- We bet you haven’t heard this name before. Erum means ‘Heaven’.

Which one of these Muslim baby girl names starting with E did you like the most?


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