10 Ridiculously Fun Swimming Pool Activities for Kids!

You ever feel like that soldier, laying sprawled on the battlefield, staring up at the smoky black sky waiting for the madness to be over? Yep, that’s what I felt like 4 days into my kids’ summer holidays! 

This year, we decided to take the kids to the pool. As much as the sheer existence of a swimming pool can thrill your kid to his core, it is also important to figure out some fun activities to pass the time!

When we started going to the pool, my 3-year-old came up with this game called ‘Chase me while I run like Forest Gump’, which was basically me running around the community pool trying my level best to not get the water in my mouth while Muraad would kick random strangers in the gut, splash old women right in their faces, and run into wobbly babies who were using the pool for the first time.

If you are tired of the ceaseless embarrassment, then the below-mentioned swimming pool activities for kids are sure to float your boat!

Beach Ball Race

  • Get those large beach balls.
  • Ask all participants to push their respective balls to the other side of the swimming pool.
  • The one who gets there first shall win!
  • Remember, it’s pushing, so no air time for the balls.

Watermelon Basketball

  • On scorching summer days, engage in some watermelon basketball to stay cool!
  • Take the watermelon underwater and play ball!

Ping-Pong Maniacs

  • Purchase a few ping pong balls from your local grocery store or online.
  • Toss these balls in the pool and ask your kids to catch them all!
  • It’s fun watching them try to get a hold of all the balls.

Twisted Marco Polo

  • Always a safe bet when you have kids at the pool.
  • Take it up a notch and have them make funny animal noises.
  • So when one kid shouts ‘Lion’, the rest will answer with their best ear-splitting ‘Roar’ impression!

Tag the Minnow

  • A popular swimming pool activity for kids that is sure to give them an adrenaline kick!
  • Make one kid stand right at the centre of the pool. He is the shark. The rest are minnows.
  • The shark has to yell ‘Go’, that’s when the minnows try to get across the pool, past the shark, without being tagged.
  • Kids that are getting tagged are out, and eventually, it’ll lead to a one-on-one between the shark and the minnow.
  • In my family, this game sure elicits a lot of screams and giggles! 

Push and Shove

  • A fun game for water, a disappointing one on concrete.
  • Have the younger kid sit on the shoulders of the older one and shove them down.
  • This is a game parents do not allow in the house as it could get dangerous!
  • Falling in the water is so much fun, your kids will love it.

Tell Us the Time, Mr Lion

  • My daughter learnt about this super fun activity when she started taking swimming lessons.
  • One kid is Mr Lion standing at the end of the pool.
  • Other kids, standing on the other end will have to yell ‘Tell us the time, Mr Lion’.
  • Lion picks a time, and the other kids will have to walk those many steps in the water. (for example, 4 means four steps).
  • The Lion can yell ‘Lunchtime’ anytime he wants to at which point the other kids have to avoid being tagged and get back to their original positions.
  • The person getting tagged first is the new Mr Lion.

The Ridiculous Toy Race

  • This game is very similar to Beach Ball Race.
  • Get hysterically funny pool toys – loungers, huge inflatable porpoise, etc.
  • Make them race all the way across the pool.
  • First one reaching is the winner!

Air Ball

  • This is our most favourite swimming pool activity!
  • Get a beach ball or a balloon and play catch without letting the ball hit the water.
  • Kids are crazy about this game!

The Jumping Quiz

  • This game just gets increasingly fun with time.
  • One kid is the Quizmaster and the rest have to line up near the dive point.
  • Each kid has to jump into the pool, however, also has to answer the Quizmaster’s question before hitting the water.
  • Questions can be as simple as ‘What is the colour of the sky’?
  • With time, the questions just get harder and more absurd which is what makes this game a hoot!
Young kid diving in a pool
My dream is to fly!

Kids are extremely restless, especially during vacations! Figuring out some of the most awesome activities can be a task, that’s why we’re here for you!

Try out these fun swimming pool activities with your kids and let me know if you have some awesome ideas for a fun day out at the pool!


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