5 Incredibly Fun and Engaging Activities for your 9-month-old!

When my daughter was born, interacting with her was often a one-way street. She would just stare at us with those beautiful, googly eyes or cry incessantly till she was held or fed! That was pretty much it.

The pure moments of joy that I experienced when Shayla’s behaviour started to change snuck up on me unexpectedly and are absolutely undefinable! One moment my wife and I were silently grimacing at having to change another diaper, in the next Shayla was smiling fondly at something I might have said. As a parent, it lights up my whole world!

That’s the thing with babies, they start to develop new skills almost as quickly as a passing heartbeat. That’s why it is so important to make sure that you provide all the help your baby needs to thrive in his new environment. From the 7th month onwards, communicating with a newborn becomes a two-way street and they start grabbing things or try standing by getting hold of a chair, as Shayla did right before falling flat on her face!

The bottom line is that the moment your baby is walking and moving, a whole new world for enjoyment opens up! These fun and engaging activities for 9-year-olds are just the right amount of entertainment and intrigue, and will definitely teach your baby a thing or two.

‘Boom’ – Says the Bucket!

Adorable young boy sitting and playing with toys on a beach!
Look, mommy! I’m the Ruler of the Toy Kingdom!

This is one of the first activities we tried out with Shayla.

  • Get a small bucket and a couple of colourful blocks.
  • Drop each block in the bucket one by one.
  • When each one hits the bucket, you say ‘Boom’.
  • Drop another block and this time wait for your baby to say ‘Boom’.
  • Let him enjoy taking the blocks out of the bucket!

Roll the Ball

Infant playing ball on a beach!
If I kick it really hard, will it spill out candies?

Shayla was extremely fond of this game and surprisingly good at it!

  • Get a medium or small-sized ball and sit across your baby.
  • Roll the ball towards them and teach them to stop it.
  • Ask them to roll it towards you and clap for your baby when they do so!

Squeaky Toy

A squeaky toy for kids!
Hello there, My name is Squawky – The Squeaky Chicken!

This game might take a while to get used to, but is super fun nonetheless!

  • Get a squeaky toy for your baby and show it to them.
  • Hide the toy under a blanket or behind you and ask your baby where the toy is!
  • If they seem too confused, squeak it a couple more times and encourage your baby to look for it.
  • Give him a huge round of applause when he figures it out and start having fun with the game!

Sing and Clap

Infant lying in her mother’s lap on green grass
Hush little baby don’t say a word, Papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird!

One of our favourite activities as a family!

  • Sing your baby’s favourite nursery rhymes.
  • Encourage your child to sing along while clapping!
  • It is a great activity for hand-eye coordination among 9-month-olds.
  • Who knows, maybe your baby will love it so much they might aspire to be a musician someday!

The Reading Game

Two young boys reading a picture book
Brothers that learn together, stay together!

We tried this out with Shayla when she turned 8 months old.

  • Purchase interesting, vibrant picture books for your child.
  • Try modulating a voice while reading out a story to them!
  • Thanks to this practice, Shayla (now 1-year-old) is growing up to be extremely fond of books and wouldn’t go to bed without a story!

At this age, your child is all set to experience sensory stimulation and as his best buddy, grab this opportunity with these fun and engaging activities for 9-year-olds!

Do let me know if you guys have more suggestions for activities for 9-month-olds!


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