27 Unique Hindu baby girl names starting with the letter S!

Letter S made of flowers

Looking for some modern Hindu baby girl names starting with the letter S? We’ve got 27 of them!

  • Saavi- Saavi is a beautiful Hindu baby name for girls. The name refers to Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Sanjoli- This is such a pretty name, isn’t it? The name Sanjoli means ‘Period of Twilight’. It is also the name of a village in Haryana.
  • Sachi- This is quite a popular Hindu name for girls starting with the letter S. The name means ‘Truth’.
  • Sachika- The name Sachika is a Hindu girl name meaning ‘Kind’ and ‘Elegant’.
  • Saesha- The name Saesha is not only pretty but also quite meaningful. The name means ‘Desire’ or ‘Wish’.
  • Sarvani- Meaning ‘Omnipresent’ or ‘Perfection’, Sarvani is quite a popular name for Hindu girls.
  • Salila- This is a one-of-a-kind Hindu name for a girl. This Indian baby name means ‘Water’ or ‘Stream’.
  • Sanvali- The name Sanvali is a very pretty name for your little girl. The name means ‘dusky’ or ‘beautiful’.
  • Sahuri- Sahuri not only sounds like a powerful name but it also has a very powerful meaning. The name means ‘Victorious’ or ‘Earth’.
  • Sarvika- Sounding very similar to another Hindu girl name Saarika, this name has a completely different meaning. Sarvika means ‘Universal’.
  • Saumyi- Saumyi is a unisex baby name starting with the letter S. The name means ‘Moonlight’ or ‘Moonshine’.
  • Seerthi- This is a Tamil name for Hindu girls starting with S meaning ‘Famous’. This name is quite popular in South India owing to its origin.
  • Shipra- This name Shipra is actually the name of a river that flows through Madhya Pradesh. It is known for being one of the sacred rivers in Hinduism. 
  • Shaaravi- Shaaravi is the perfect example of a name that’s both modern and traditional. Shaaravi means ‘Innocence’ or ‘Pure’.
  • Shaivi- If you want your little girl to grow up to be rich and successful, you should name her Shaivi, meaning ‘Wealth’ and ‘Prosperity’.
  • Shibani- Shibani is quite a popular name for girls in North India. The name refers to Goddess Durga.
  • Shreela- This elegant-sounding name means ‘beautiful’. It is also the name of a famous British politician of Indian origin.
  • Shalvi- Think your little girl is the smartest? Then you should name her Shalvi meaning ‘Intelligent’.
  • Shreoyi- Shreoyi means ‘Beautiful message from God’. If you are bored with regular names like Shreya, you should consider this unique name.
  • Sitashi- This name is inspired by the name ‘Sitesh’. It refers to Goddess Sita. 
Lioness followed by her cub
  • Sinhi- This is a Sanskrit origin Hindu name for girls. Sinhi means ‘Lioness’. It refers to the characters such as the strength and ferocity of a Lioness.
  • Smana- Meaning ‘Divine Soul’, this pleasant-sounding name is perfect for your daughter if you are looking for a unique and meaningful name.
  • Sohini- The name Sohini is of Sanskrit origin and means ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Brave’. Suits your little girl perfectly, we bet!
  • Sprihi- The name Sprihi is very uncommon but very pretty and meaningful. Sprihi means ‘Aspirant’.
  • Stuvi- Girls with the name Stuvi are said to have a very pragmatic approach to life. Stuvi means ‘Praise’ or ‘Worship’.
  • Sudipti- The name Sudipti means ‘Dazzling’ or ‘Shining’. The name has become quite popular over the last few years.
  • Swedha- The name Swedha has many meanings, ‘Lovely’ and ‘Fair’.

These are our suggestions for the most unique Hindu baby girl names starting with the letter ‘S’. Which one of these Hindu baby girl names do you like the most?


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