22 Unique Hindu baby girl names starting with the letter ‘K’!

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Are you looking for some unique Hindu baby girl names starting with the letter K? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Kamna- The name Kamna (Pronounced Kaam-na) is suitable for Hindu girls. The name means ‘Desire’ or ‘Wish’.

Kajri- Kajri is a very unique name for Hindu baby girls. The name means ‘Light as a cloud’ or ‘Could like’.

Kani- No one really likes long names. Kani is a modern name perfect for your modern little girl. The name means ‘Feminine’.

Kassni- This beautiful name has many meanings. Two of the popular meanings are ‘Flower’ and ‘Goddess lakshmi’.

Kara- Meaning ‘Elegant’, Kara or Kaara is a beautiful name for Hindu girls.

Kavi- This is a unisex name that suits both girls and boys. Kavi means ‘Poet’ in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, and a few other Indian languages.

Kalindi- The name Kalindi is of Sanskrit origin. It means ‘The Sun’. The name also refers to the sacred Kalindi river.

Kaya- Most of us have already heard this name thanks to a popular beauty brand. The name is actually quite apt for Hindu girls and means ‘Goddess of Nature’.

Kallai- Meaning ‘Artful’ or ‘Artistic’, Kallai is a wonderful name for Hindu baby girls.

Kani- Your little girl deserves a name that does justice to her. Kani meaning ‘Beautiful girl’ will be perfect for your beautiful angel.

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Kera- Meaning ‘Dusky beauty’ or ‘Dark-haired one’, Kera is a beautiful name with a meaning to match.

Keshika- Keshika is a unique Hindu name for girls, the name means ‘Woman with beautiful hair’.

Keya- The name Keya is of Bengali origin and means ‘Flower’ in Bengali. The name refers to a flower that blooms in the monsoon season.

Kiya- Such a beautiful name for a girl, isn’t it? The name Kiya means ‘Melodious’ or ‘Pure’.

Kethana- This is one of the many names Goddess Lakshmi is known by. You should definitely name your daughter Kethana if you are a devotee of the Goddess.

Kimaya- This name is definitely unique and suitable for a modern girl. Kimaya means ‘Divine’.

Yellow rose bud

Kopal- Kopal is a very pretty name with a prettier meaning. The name means ‘Rose bud’.

Khilti- This Hindi origin name means ‘Blossom’ or ‘Blooming’. If you truly want a one-of-a-kind name, you should choose this as it’s rarely used.

Kreena- Meaning ‘Pure’, the name originates from Lord Krishna, the Supreme One.

Kshyma- Pronounced ‘Shy-ma’ and meaning ‘The Earth’, this truly is a unique name for Hindu girls.

Kunisha- The meaning of the name Kunisha refers to the bird with a melodious voice- The Nightingale.

Kwina- The meaning of the name Kwina is hidden in the name itself. It means ‘Queen’ or ‘Ruler’.

Which one of these Hindu baby girl names starting with K is your favourite? Let me know!


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