21 Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names that start with C

Many Hindu families decide their child’s name based on the horoscope. Astrologers will let them know which letter of the English alphabet is most suitable for the baby based on his or her horoscope. They can then choose a name that starts with that letter.

If the letter given to you is the letter C or you simply chose to name your son with a name that starts with C, here’s an exclusive list of the best Hindu baby boy names that start with C that could be of some help!

A baby boy crawling on the bed.
I can seeee you, Pops!

Charan: The feet of Gods

Chetan: Intelligence

Chandan: Sandalwood

Charit: History

Chatur: Clever

A baby boy flipping through pages of books.
Let’s see what we have here.

Chetak: Thoughtful, name of Rana Pratap’s horse

Chinmay: A knowledgable person

Chintan: Contemplation

Chirag: Brilliance

Chahat: Affection

A baby brother showing his affection to his big brother.
I love you, big brother!

Chirantan: An immortal being

Chirayu: A person who will live long

Chahit: Loving person

Chaitan: Consciousness

Chiraksh: A person with beautiful eyes

A baby boy with beautiful blue eyes.
Would you look at those eyes!

Chaitanya: A person with divine radiance

Chiranjeev: An immortal person

Chanakya: The name of a great scholar from the Mauryan empire

Charanjeet: A man who wins over God

Charudatt: A beautiful person

Chand: Moon

A young boy dreamily staring out of his window.
A young boy staring out at the moon.

Which of these Hindu baby boy names, that start with C, did you choose for your baby boy? Let me know in the comments, please!


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