These summer skin care tips will leave you with a natural glow!

Picture of a woman’s face with heart-shaped rose petals on it
A rose-y glow!

Every year, we can’t wait for the winter gloom to pass over so we can enjoy the summer days. But summer brings along its own set of problems. One among them is oily and dull skin. I wish we could follow a general skin care routine for all kinds of weather but unfortunately, that’s not how it works. After tons of researching and experiments on my own skin, I’ve figured out what really works during summer in terms of skin care. Here are 9 summer skin care tips that will leave your skin glowing, just not from sweat!

Cleanse with foam instead of cream!

Woman washing her face
Cleanse away!

You wouldn’t wear a woollen sweater in summer. Similarly, you shouldn’t be slathering your face with heavy cream and oil cleansers in the hot weather. Switch your regular cleanser for a light foamy face wash, preferably one with salicylic acid to prevent the inevitable pesky milia and acne that visit in summer.

Sunscreen is your best friend!

Woman applying sunscreen sitting near the beach
Become best buddies with sunscreen!

If you are going to skip this step, you might as well bid adieu to good skin this summer. Sunscreen is an absolute necessity regardless of the weather but it’s even more important during summer. The sun can be extra harsh on the skin during summers, so stay protected with a broad-spectrum sunscreen over SPF 30 that shields you from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Reapply the sunscreen at least twice a day.

Moisturise AM and PM

Woman applying serum to her face
Get your dose of Vitamin C!

Many people skip moisturisers during summer believing that it will make their skin oilier. In fact, not moisturising will make your skin produce more oil (sebum) to compensate for the lack of moisture on the skin. This might lead to acne and no one wants that. If you use a heavy moisturiser, swap it for an oil-free gel moisturiser for the mornings. For the evening, opt for a Vitamin C serum that will help brighten your skin.

Warning- Vitamin C serum can make your skin very sensitive, so ensure you wear sunscreen in the morning and use the serum only at nights. It goes without saying that you should wash off the serum when you wake up. 

Make exfoliating a weekly routine

Woman pumping lotion from a bottle onto her finger
Take the chemical route!

The skin produces an excess amount of sebum during summer which can lead to congested pores. And if there is one thing we hate more than acne, it’s enlarged pores. Exfoliating will unclog your pores and make your skin smoother. After learning about the consequences of physical scrubs, I’ve switched over to chemical exfoliators with either lactic or glycolic acid. They are safer than harsh granulated scrubs and get the job done.

Mattify with masks

Woman with a clay mask on her face looking into the mirror
What’s beneath the mask?

I love using face masks during summer, especially clay masks. I apply a clay mask to my face at least twice a week and usually do it before I go out and it makes my skin look brighter and my pores, smaller. Clay masks also help combat acne and oiliness that are inevitable during summer.

Hydrate. Then hydrate more.

Woman drinking water
Hydration truly is the key

The advice You should drink 8 glasses of water a day” has been ingrained in our head by everyone from dermatologists to the neighbour with weird DIY beauty recipes. As annoying as it is to hear this advice in every skincare article, there is a reason why experts stress it so much. Water really does help in keeping your skin looking nice and healthy. Now, I don’t really know the magic behind it but all I know for sure is that my skin looks a lot better when I’m hydrating well.

Indulge in a colourful diet

Bowl of fruits and berries

Skin care isn’t just topical, it has a lot to do with your diet too. Gorge on colourful food during summer including leafy greens, fresh fruits, vegetables. The healthier you eat, the better for your skin. Cut down on dairy products if it tends to make you break-out.

No cake-up makeup

Woman wearing light make-up
Less is more!

The popular skincare advice for summer from most of the fashion and beauty magazines is to ditch make-up. Unfortunately, all of us are not blessed with flawless skin to completely ditch make-up but caking-up is not an option too. The key is in finding the right balance and the balance lies in light makeup. Swap the heavy foundations for tinted moisturisers and lipsticks to tinted lip balms. Make mascara your best friend and avoid harsh eyeliners.

Pay attention to your eyes, lips, and body

Woman running in the park
Sweating out the toxins!

Skin care isn’t just applicable to your face, you have to concentrate on body care, eye-care, and your lips too. Unless you want crow’s feet on your eyes, use eye cream religiously every day. Opt for lip balms with SPF for day time. As for your body, work out regularly and exfoliate at least once a week with a nice body scrub. 


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