7 Effective Remedies for Heat Stroke Among Kids

As much as I love the season of pretty marigold flowers, cool lemonades, and pastel dresses, the scorching summer heat is a major downer! Moreover, with kids who love staying outdoors with friends, it becomes a challenge to keep them hydrated and make sure they don’t run low on essential body fluids!

Heatstroke is something that is caused when your body has been exposed to a high temperature for an extended period of time. When your temperature rises above a certain point, your body reacts to it in the form of heatstrokes! If left untreated, heatstrokes can cause significant damage to your vital organs. Nobody wants that for their kids, that is why it is thoroughly important to keep them well-hydrated throughout the summertime with effective home remedies.

We live in New Delhi where the afternoon loo can pretty much roast you and the fatigue is enough to make you want to stay at home. I take additional measures to keep my babies healthy during these months, especially with home remedies that tend to have a long-lasting effect.

I am sharing some brilliantly effective heatstroke remedies with you guys that you’ll love!

Onion Juice

Onion Juice
Onion juice and its miraculous healing properties!

This is a decade-old heatstroke remedy that my grandmother and mother swear by! Rub some onion juice on your child’s chest and apply behind their ears if they have had a heatstroke. It immediately brings the body temperature down and alleviates most of the symptoms caused by heatstrokes.

Tamarind Drink

Tamarind drink served with mint leaves
A glass of tamarind drink is the answer to all your problems!

This remedy is quite yummy and is full of healing properties when it comes to heatstrokes! Soak some tamarind in lukewarm water. Strain it and add some sugar. Make your kid down the whole thing to allow the decoction to lower their body temperatures. Tamarind juice has mild laxative properties as well, so in case you have a stomach infection, you can try this remedy out.

Raw Mango Drink (Aam Panna)

Raw mango drink or Aam Panna served with raw mangoes and a straw
Summertime calls for a refreshing glass of ‘Aam Panna’!

My most favourite summer drink from my childhood days, Aam Panna has super cooling properties that work instantly on a heatstroke-affected body. Made from raw mangoes, this health tonic can be consumed multiple times during a day! I usually make it in bulk and stock it in the fridge for when my kids return from their evening crusades! The drink is enriched with spices such as fennel seeds, cumin seeds, black pepper, and black salt, all of which have electrolytes and provide instant energy!

Coconut Water and Buttermilk

Two glasses of buttermilk served with green chillies and mint leaves!
Buttermilk smells like home!

Coconut water is a miraculous summer drink that balances the lost electrolytes in your body. Make sure to serve your kids coconut water alongside their meals during summer. Buttermilk is an excellent source of probiotics and helps restore the essential minerals and vitamins in your body after a heatstroke. I serve homemade buttermilk every day during lunch for a super balanced diet.

Mint and Coriander Juice

A glass of mint and coriander juice served with cilantro leaves and berries!
Hello Summer, the season of delicious drinks!

This is a very effective solution to bringing down your body heat. Add a pinch of sugar to the extracted mint and coriander juice and you can feel the herbs work its way inside your body, helping it stay cool! When my 7-year-old had a heatstroke last year due to skyrocketing temperatures, my mother immediately suggested this solution and it worked like a miracle.

Aloe Vera Juice

A glass of refreshing aloe vera juice
Aloe there! Hydrate yourself, friend!

Aloe Vera is like a miracle plant that has blessed mankind with its healing properties! Aloe is loaded with minerals and vitamins, and it helps the body adapt to its surrounding changes and the weather. It also stimulates the body’s defence mechanisms and helps it stay cool in the scorching summer heat.


Sandalwood paste
Sandalwood, the fragrance of virtue!

Sandalwood paste rubbed on the chest and forehead works like a charm for someone who’s had a heatstroke! Sandalwood has cooling properties and can even be applied on burning or itchy skin.

These are some of the highly effective home remedies for heatstroke among kids! They are helpful if you use them on a regular basis as well.

Do let me know which remedy you liked best!


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