3 Wardrobe Essentials for Your Newborn Bub!

When I had my daughter, Sanaa, 5 years back, I made a list of essentials I had to gather well within the ninth month of pregnancy. I’m currently going over these lists and unearthing a few of Sanaa’s clothes and items that I can use for my second child due next year.

I made sure I saved up all the essential baby gear we bought for Sanaa hoping to use it in the future. Apart from this, I will also need plenty of baby clothes to dress my little one in once he or she is born.

You can find adorable outfits for little ones from tees and pants for boys to gorgeous dresses for girls. As much as you’d want to style them soon after they’re born, you should probably start with comfortable clothes for babies made of breathable fabric as a newborn’s skin is sensitive.

1. Rompers

Rompers are perfect for newborns. They are one-piece outfits also called onesies. They come with buttons at the bottom that can be snapped open easily to change diapers. You can find a fun collection of rompers with cute prints. Onesies are pretty much timeless pieces, which is why I saved some of the less used ones for my younger child.

A cheerful baby wearing a romper.
I put the “LIT” in little. Don’t I, Mom!

2. Sleepwear

The ideal sleepwear for babies are footies that are a one-piece garment similar to rompers but those that run-up to the toes. These jammies are made with soft fabric and have a snuggly fit. They keep your baby warm and let him or her get some sound sleep in the night.

A newborn in deep sleep.
Sleep tight, little one.

3. Beanies

Newborns are known to catch a cold easily, which is why I bought several beanie caps for my daughter, Sanaa. While it’s important to keep your baby warm during the initial few days, it’s also important to make sure of that once you start taking your baby out or when you’re sitting with your baby in an air-conditioned place or vehicle.

A newborn wearing a beanie.
Am I cute or am I cute?

Rompers, cosy sleepwear, and warm beanies are the only baby clothing essentials. Besides these, you can also get mittens and socks too. These may not be necessary but if you think your baby’s hands and feet are cold, you should go ahead and get these.

What do you think of this list of wardrobe essentials for newborn babies? Let me know in the comments section.


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