24 unique Hindu baby girl names starting with R that are totally adorable!

Baby names can be hard to find, especially one with a profound meaning. Don’t fret, for I have conducted ample research and have narrowed down these 25 unique Hindu baby girl names starting with R that you will absolutely adore! Select the one that best suits your angel’s personality.

Raghavi – It is an age-old belief that people who go by the name Raghavi are immensely happy and eternally blessed. Raghavi refers to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi.

Raagini – A traditional Indian name for girls, Raagini means loving or affectionate. Another meaning the name carries is that of a song.

Raaka – This Hindu baby girl name is as splendid as your baby and the meaning is alluring. Raaka refers to the beauty of the full moon.

Rabia – Even though this name has an Islamic origin, it is a fairly popular name in the Hindu culture as well. Rabia means famous or godly.

Rachika – A name as sweet-sounding as your baby, Rachike means ‘The Creator’.

Radha – This one is on the list for the sole reason of it being my most favourite name since childhood! Radha was Lord Krishna’s beloved.

Radhika – A very popular Indian name prevalent in the North Indian region, Radhika means successful.

Ragavarshini – This Hindu baby girl name is deep-seated in the Indian culture and it refers to someone who showers Ragas. I love that the name is super traditional yet modern.

Raima – This name has an Arabic origin and it refers to a woman having great affection and love for her child.

Raisa – This name is of Yiddish and Hebrew origin and it is pronounced as ‘Ray-Sah’. I love its distinctiveness! Raisa means ‘A Rose’.

Rajata – A very famous South Indian name for girls, Rajata is indicative of sovereignty!

Rajee – One of my most loved names from this list for its sheer simplicity and uniqueness. Rajee is a Punjabi name meaning ‘Queen’!

Rajitha – This name is of Indian origin and it refers to the quality of being ‘Illuminated’.

Rajivini – A beautifully unique name, Rajivini refers to a collection of blue lotus flowers.

Rakini – A beautiful name for your beautiful baby, Rakini means ‘The Night’.

Rakshita – This name is fairly common in the North, and it means ‘The Protector’.

Ramya – Quite a popular South Indian name, Ramya refers to an individual who’s personality is delightful.

Rangana – It is believed that people who are known by this name exude positivity and tend to light up a room from the moment that they walk in. It’s only fitting that the meaning of Rangana is ‘A Flower’.

Ranjika – A name with an Indian origin, Ranjika means a person with an exciting personality.

Ranya – A beautiful name with an Indian origin, Ranya refers to someone who is extremely pleasant.

Rashi – This amazing name was a suggestion from my aunt whose name is Rashi! It means ‘A collection of wealth’.

Rashmi – Your daughter is like a ray of sunshine in your life. It’s only fair that you call her Rashmi, which means sunlight.

Rathika – A perfect name for your little one, Rathika refers to a person who is satisfied with his life.

Raveena – Raveena Tandon used to be my favourite Bollywood movie star back in the 80s and 90s! I always fancied the name Raveena which means ‘Sunny’.

This Hindu baby girl names with R are so adorable, they’re sure to be a super hit!

Did you like anything from the list? Would love your thoughts in the comments below!


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