20 unique Muslim baby girl names starting with C

When it comes to naming kids, the Fatimas can be quite passionate and thorough in their research. So, when my kids came along, we devoted a significant amount of time deciding what to call them.

I believe that a person’s name is a gateway to their personality, and so I wanted my babies to be known by names that resonated with their individual characters.

The process can get quite tedious and overwhelming! Fret not, for I have gathered a list of the most unique and modern Muslim baby girl names starting with C. I have handpicked the best names for your convenience.

Cailey – A perfect name for your precious! The name literally stands for ‘darling’ and is an alternate version of the Irish name ‘Cayla’.

Caliana – A very appropriate princess name for your little princess, Caliana was the name of a stunning Moorish princess for whom a palace was built in Spain.

Candana – This Muslim baby girl name with C is evocative of a person who is sincere and forthright by nature. Certainly the kind of attributes you’d want in your baby girl.

Caria – I personally love this name and suggested the name for my god-daughter. It is indicative of someone who flows like water and is pure!

Baby underwater.
As Aquaman, it is my duty to ask you guys to always stay hydrated!

Caspara – A mysteriously alluring name, Caspara is someone who is a treasure keeper!

Chaghama – A type of folk music from Afghanistan, this name is perfect for your little angel.

Carla – She is one of the hardest working nurses from my favourite TV show ‘Scrubs’! The name is indicative of the feminine aspect of a person’s personality.

Cyra – This wondrous name has a Persian origin which stands for the sun and the moon! I think it’s a majestic name for your pretty little angel.

Infant sleeping on a giant moon!
Sleep tight and dream of the stars tonight!

Carna – My father was rather fond of this name for its biological connotation. Carna stands for someone who is the protector of vital organs.

Ciara – Another one of my personal favourites, Ciara means as black as the mystical Raven. A profound name for your little bub.

Celina – One of those names with a resounding effect, Celina means a young warrior. Take my word for it, your girl will grow up loving this name!

Chahat – A very common word appearing in Bollywood movies, Chahat literally means love or desire. Can’t think of a name more appealing.

Adorable baby held by his mother, wrapped in a towel smiling adorably.
Cutest smile to brighten your day!

Chanda – My mother tells me I was to be named Chanda as a kid, but some twist of fate landed me with Naushin. Anyhow, I would’ve loved to be known by a name that literally means the Moon!

Celmira – The more I come across this name, the more I’m moved by how beautiful it sounds. Celmira literally stands for the brilliant one.

Chahida – An ideal name for your little one, Chahida means someone who is loved.

Chaesha – This unique name was handed down to me by my great aunt when Rian was born. Chaesha means someone who is beautiful and bright.

Newborn wearing a woollen hat sleeping peacefully on a blanket!
Wake me up when September ends?

Charagh – A traditional name with a tinge of modernity, this name stands for light or lamp.

Chiman – A Kurdish name for girls that stands for greenery! A truly refreshing name for the apple of your eye.

Chafika – A perfect name for your princess, Chafika is a woman who is extremely graceful and emanates a sense of harmony and balance.

Chehal – A joyful name for a joyous occasion, a person named Chehal becomes a symbol of dependence to the people around him/her.

Father and mother kissing their newborn baby.
Precious moments with precious!

Select a Muslim baby girl name starting with C that best suits your little angel’s personality! Do share it with me in the comments below.

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