10 surprisingly amazing health benefits of Jowar or Sorghum!

Sorghum or Jowar seed heads and leaves

Being an ancient grain and one of the top 5 cereal crops in India, Jowar is extremely resistant to drought and therefore makes for an awesome food choice for the arid and dry regions. Simply dry roast Jowar and blend into a powder to make Jowar flour! Mixing this flour with wheat flour will bear amazing results for your health and skin!

Let’s look at these 10 health benefits of Jowar

 Jowar roti and cooked vegetable.
  • It is rich in fibre. 100 gms of Jowar provides you with 9.7 gms of fibre, which is brilliant for smooth bowel movements and keeps you feeling light throughout the day.

  • It is totally gluten-free, which makes it an amazing choice for many today. Pair Jowar rotis with a vegetable curry for a delightful dinner!

  • Diabetes-Friendly: It is a safe choice for people with diabetes. Being a complex carbohydrate, Jowar is absorbed in the bloodstream at a slow pace, thereby preventing an insulin spike. Hence, an excellent choice for diabetics.

  • Jowar reduces body inflammation. Jowar has anti-inflammatory properties since it is rich in phytochemical antioxidants. Phytochemical elements are commonly found in fruits, nuts, vegetables, and legumes. They offer protection against heart diseases and cancer.

  • Jowar is rich in protein, which makes it a very good choice for vegetarians! 100 gms of Jowar provides nearly 11 gms of protein. Jowar flour forms complete protein when paired with legumes such as moong dal, rajma, and urad dal.

  • Jowar strengthens bones! It contains a substantial amount of magnesium, which helps maintain an optimum level of calcium in the body, thereby rendering your bones stronger.

  • It is rich in iron. 100 gms of Jowar provides you with 4.1 mg of iron! Pair it with a Vitamin C source to balance the iron. Jowar khakra is an excellent option here.

  • Jowar keeps your blood pressure under control. Most millets and Jowar are high in potassium which is vital for individuals with high blood pressure, as it counteracts sodium impact in the body. A regular consumption of Potassium-rich foods will eventually remove excess sodium from your body, normalising your blood pressure.

  • Jowar reduces cholesterol. Being a fibre-rich cereal, Jowar reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) and enhances HDL (good cholesterol) in your body. Additionally, if you bake Jowar parathas and puris instead of frying, it will be beneficial.

  • Jowar helps counter anaemia. Jowar flour contains a substantial source of iron that helps counter anaemia.
Jowar rotis served with green chilly, chutney, and onions.

These are just some of the miraculous health benefits of consuming Jowar regularly! Let me know your thoughts, and if you consume any other super cereals or superfoods in the comments below.


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